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Scymnus cervicalis  - Scymnus cervicalis - female

Scymnus cervicalis - Scymnus cervicalis - Female
Boxborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
September 13, 2013

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Scymnus cervicalis  - Scymnus cervicalis - female  Scymnus kansanus? - Scymnus cervicalis - female

Moved from Kansas Lady Beetle.

Scymnus kansanus (Casey), female
ID confirmed from specimen, now a photo-voucher. Thanks Tom!

Scymnus cervicalis
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Moved from Scymnus.
Thanks Abigail. Now I have to find a different species of Scymnus:-)

yes, S. kansanus
The ventral photo is especially good here, it clearly shows the strong anterior convergence of the prosternal carinae. That's a difficult feature to explain so a clear photo is very useful!