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Brassicogethes - Brassicogethes aeneus

Brassicogethes - Brassicogethes aeneus
Montosa Canyon, Santa Rita Mountains, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
July 26, 2013
Det. V. Belov, 2013

coll'ed beating/sweeping, spmn deposited into the TAMUIC

BugGuide Gathering_2013

Moved from Black Pollen Beetle.

Note slight metallic sheen, and protibiae paler than others (and more slender than in nigrescens).

Moved from Brassicogethes.

Andy Cline: "Looks a bit more like Fabogethes nigrescens to me;
"could be Brassicogethes, it's just hard to tell."

Moved from Thalycra.