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Fishing Spider - Dolomedes tenebrosus

Fishing Spider - Dolomedes tenebrosus
Great Falls, Virginia, USA
October 31, 2004
I'm pretty sure this is a wolf spider, but would like to have that confirmed. I'll also post a picture of it's "face" if I can figure out how to post multiple images of the same specimen.

Here's this specimen's "face"

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Fishing Spider - Dolomedes tenebrosus Fishing Spider - Dolomedes tenebrosus

eye arrangement
This image is being used in the eye arrangement article, thanks!

Spider ID
Thanks for the ID. Here's a link to a much larger version of the above image:

And here's a link to the spider's "face"

Can I add this image to the entry somehow?

Multiple Pics
You have to upload each pic separately. After that though, you can link them to each other by including thumbnails in the text. Read here for more details.

Trying to submit second picture
I tried to submit a second picture of this same specimen as another ID request, but the picture isn't appearing. Can somebody help?

Duncan C

If you are here where this picture is, just click on images and you should get the add image link. If you are at ID Request you should also get the add image link. You may have to register first and log in. Troy would have to answer that. Maybe post the steps you are following to try to post an image and someone can figure out what to do to get it to show up. Our pop-up blocker seems to block random images on this site and we have never figured out how it decides to do it. If all else fails, you can email Troy using the link at the bottom of all pages. Good luck. We would love to see more of your images.

Posting another pic
I finally got the "face" pic to load. I don't know why it wouldn't load yesterday. I did everything the same. Anyway, there's a link to the "face" thumbnail now. Ugly brute...

Fishing Spider
Looks like Dolomedes tenebrosus. This will be the best pic yet of that particular one.

Wolf spider vs. fishing spider?
So how do you tell the difference between Wolf spiders and Fishing spiders? I looked through the samples of both on this site, and am having a very hard time telling which is which. Somebody said the pattern of marks on the abdomen is characteristic of Fishing spiders, but it's quite hard to tell on some of the pictures here, for example this one:

Eye arrangement
They do appear very similar. Sometimes the size and placement of the eyes can be diagnostic.

Check this key to spiders of Black Rock Forest. That key may not be useful outside that particular habitat, but check 12a and 12b to see the eye differences between the two families.