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Katydid - Eremopedes balli - female

Katydid - Eremopedes balli - Female
Santa Rita Experimental Range / Florida Station, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 25, 2013
Found around lighted building during BugSwarm 2013. Some sorta Katydid, but which one? Any IDeas?

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Looks like
this one found a home with the rest of her relatives in Arizona.

THANKS for your work and information!

You're welcome - it's fun !
I'm still a bit hesitant with these Eremopedes from southern Arizona though. I'm going by the identificatioin keys and author's original descriptions, but the two brown "species" with striped legs don't look very different to me. Can't see male cerci in most of the photos, but those aren't even different enough to be reliable. As far as I can tell though, all the ones from the same place are the same "species" (so far), which helps.

female Eremopedes
Thought I had the species sorted out in my head, but not so sure anymore. They still confuse me, but I'm working on it.

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That sure looks good
to me, comparing to other posted images on BugGuide, AND they're all from this location (Arizona).

THANKS! as always for your expert help

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