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Narrow-winged Mantid - Tenodera angustipennis

Narrow-winged Mantid - Tenodera angustipennis
Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens County, New York, USA
September 26, 2013
Size: 35 mm +/-
Rumor has it that these things are from the Carolina Mantis. Can someone please verify. This species' range only extends to NJ?
Several cases on the sides of a building.


Thanks for your help.
Thanks for your help.

Tenodera angustipennis ootheca
I searched here last year and I found many Tenodera angustipennis females and ootheca. I was specifically searching for carolina and saw none. This also looks a lot more like a Tenodera angustipennis ootheca.

Where are you? Thanks for yo
Where are you?
Thanks for your input.

Moved from Carolina Mantis. I'm likely wrong on this one. If the length is accurate, it is too long for S. Carolina. S. Carolina has been documented in New York, though.

Thanks for keeping with this.
Thanks for keeping with this.
So what length should I be looking for? I'll be there on Tuesday, and should be able to actually measure some of these things. I know that several are on the building.

Stagmomantis carolina
It is definitely a Stagmomantis carolina ootheca. The published range for this species reflects its traditional, natural range. The mantids get around, though, due to the economy. Some ootheca are sold online and through catalogues, while others hitch rides in nursery stock. Type "mantis egg case" into a search engine and see what comes up. ;^)

??? RK

I think this is a Tenodera angustipennis ootheca.

I think so too
I think so too

Thanks for confirming and for
Thanks for confirming and for the information. I have seen these cases quite a few times before, but don't think that I have seen the real insect.
Jamaica Bay is near the southwestern entry point of southern insects to fly into New York, and I have seen lots of oddities there and at nearby Ft. Tilden (within sight of coastal NJ). Jamaica Bay has had a lot of plantings by their new visitor center in recent years.