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Family Crabronidae - Square-headed Wasps, Sand Wasps, and Allies

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hymenoptera - Ants, Bees, Wasps and Sawflies
No Taxon Aculeata - Ants, Bees and Stinging Wasps
No Taxon Apoid Wasps (traditional Sphecidae)
Family Crabronidae - Square-headed Wasps, Sand Wasps, and Allies

Subfamily Astatinae
Genus Astata
Species bicolor - Astata bicolor
Species occidentalis - Astata occidentalis
Species unicolor - Astata unicolor
Genus Diploplectron
Species ferrugineum - Diploplectron ferrugineum
Genus Dryudella
Species caerulea - Dryudella caerulea
Subfamily Bembicinae
Tribe Alyssontini
Genus Alysson
Species guignardi - Alysson guignardi
Species melleus - Alysson melleus
Species oppositus - Alysson oppositus
Species triangulifer - Alysson triangulifer
Genus Didineis
Species latimana - Didineis latimana
Species nodosa - Didineis nodosa
Species texana - Didineis texana
Species peculiaris - Didineis peculiaris
Tribe Bembicini - Sand Wasps
Subtribe Bembicina
Genus Bembix
Species americana - Bembix americana
Subspecies comata - Bembix americana comata
Subspecies spinolae - Bembix americana spinolae
Subspecies hamata - Bembix americana hamata
Species belfragei - Bembix belfragei
Species amoena - Bembix amoena
Species occidentalis - Bembix occidentalis
Species rugosa - Bembix rugosa
Species sayi - Bembix sayi
Species texana - Bembix texana
Species nubilipennis - Bembix nubilipennis
Species dentilabris - Bembix dentilabris
Genus Bicyrtes
Species capnopterus - Bicyrtes capnopterus
Species insidiatrix - Bicyrtes insidiatrix
Species quadrifasciatus - Four-banded Stink Bug Wasp
Species variegatus - Bicyrtes variegatus
Species ventralis - Bicyrtes ventralis
Species viduatus - Bicyrtes viduatus
Genus Microbembex
Species californica - Microbembex californica
Species monodonta - Microbembex monodonta
Genus Stictia
Species carolina - Horse Guard Wasp
Subtribe Exeirina
Genus Argogorytes
Species nigrifrons - Argogorytes nigrifrons
Genus Clitemnestra
Species bipunctata - Clitemnestra bipunctata
Subtribe Gorytina
Genus Gorytes
Species atricornis - Gorytes atricornis
Species dorothyae - Gorytes dorothyae
Subspecies russeolus - Gorytes dorothyae russeolus
Species provancheri - Gorytes provancheri
Species simillimus - Gorytes simillimus
Species smithii - Gorytes smithii
Species venustus - Gorytes venustus
Species willcoxi - Gorytes willcoxi
Genus Hapalomellinus
Species albitomentosus - Hapalomellinus albitomentosus
Genus Harpactus
Species pictifrons - Harpactus pictifrons
Genus Hoplisoides
Species costalis - Hoplisoides costalis
Species hamatus - Hoplisoides hamatus
Species nebulosus - Hoplisoides nebulosus
Subspecies spilopterus - Hoplisoides nebulosus spilopterus
Species punctifrons - Hoplisoides punctifrons
Species pygidialis - Hoplisoides pygidialis
Species semipunctatus - Hoplisoides semipunctatus
Species splendidulus - Hoplisoides splendidulus
Species tricolor - Hoplisoides tricolor
Genus Lestiphorus
Species cockerelli - Lestiphorus cockerelli
Genus Psammaletes
Species mexicanus - Psammaletes mexicanus
Genus Saygorytes
Species phaleratus - Saygorytes phaleratus
Subtribe Spheciina
Genus Sphecius - Cicada-killer Wasps
Species convallis - Pacific Cicada-killer Wasp
Species grandis - Western Cicada-killer Wasp
Species hogardii - Caribbean Cicada-killer Wasp
Species speciosus - Eastern Cicada-killer Wasp
Genus Tanyoprymnus
Species moneduloides - Tanyoprymnus moneduloides
Subtribe Stizina
Genus Bembecinus
Species floridanus - Bembecinus floridanus
Species neglectus - Bembecinus neglectus
Species quinquespinosus - Bembecinus quinquespinosus
Genus Stizoides
Species foxi - Stizoides foxi
Species renicinctus - Stizoides renicinctus
Genus Stizus
Species brevipennis - Stizus brevipennis
Species occidentalis - Stizus occidentalis
Species texanus - Stizus texanus
No Taxon brevipennis or texanus
Subtribe Stictiellina
Genus Glenostictia
Species pictifrons - Glenostictia pictifrons
Genus Steniolia
Species elegans - Steniolia elegans
Species eremica - Steniolia eremica
Species obliqua - Steniolia obliqua
Species scolopacea - Steniolia scolopacea
Genus Stictiella - Butterfly-wolf Wasps
Species emarginata - Stictiella emarginata
Species formosa - Stictiella formosa
Species villegasi - Algodones Sand Wasp
Tribe Nyssonini
Genus Epinysson
Species basilaris - Epinysson basilaris
Species bellus - Epinysson bellus
Species mellipes - Epinysson mellipes
Species tuberculatus - Epinysson tuberculatus
Genus Foxia
Species navajo - Foxia navajo
Species pacifica - Foxia pacifica
Genus Nysson
No Taxon "Synnevrus"
Species aequalis - Nysson aequalis
Species freyigessneri - Nysson freyigessneri
Species intermedius - Nysson intermedius
Species plagiatus - Nysson plagiatus
Species lateralis - Nysson lateralis
Species recticornis - Nysson recticornis
Species rusticus - Nysson rusticus
Species subtilis - Nysson subtilis
Species tristis - Nysson tristis
Genus Zanysson
Species plesius - Zanysson plesius
Species texanus - Zanysson texanus
Subfamily Crabroninae - Square-headed Wasps
Tribe Bothynostethini
Tribe Crabronini
Subtribe Crabronina
Genus Crabro - Shield-handed Square-headed Wasps
Species argusinus - Crabro argusinus
Species cingulatus - Crabro cingulatus
Species latipes - Crabro latipes
Species monticola - Crabro monticola
Species peltista - Crabro peltista
Species snowii - Crabro snowii
Species tumidus - Crabro tumidus
Species vernalis - Crabro vernalis
Species villosus - Crabro villosus
Genus Crossocerus
No Taxon Subgenus Blepharipus
Species annulipes - Crossocerus annulipes
Species harringtonii - Crossocerus harringtonii
Species impressifrons - Crossocerus impressifrons
Species maculipennis - Crossocerus maculipennis
Species nitidiventris - Crossocerus nitidiventris
No Taxon Subgenus Hoplocrabro
Species angelicus - Crossocerus angelicus
No Taxon Subgenus Crossocerus
Species lentus - Crossocerus lentus
No Taxon Subgenus Cuphopterus
Species binotatus - Crossocerus binotatus
Genus Ectemnius
No Taxon Subgenus Clytochrysus
Species lapidarius - Ectemnius lapidarius
Species ruficornis - Ectemnius ruficornis
No Taxon Subgenus Ectemnius
Species borealis - Ectemnius borealis
Species dives - Ectemnius dives
No Taxon Subgenus Hypocrabro
Species arcuatus - Ectemnius arcuatus
Species centralis - Ectemnius centralis
Species continuus - Ectemnius continuus
Species decemmaculatus - Ectemnius decemmaculatus
Species paucimaculatus - Ectemnius paucimaculatus
Species rufipes - Ectemnius rufipes
Species scaber - Ectemnius scaber
Species sonorensis - Ectemnius sonorensis
Species spiniferus - Ectemnius spiniferus
Species stirpicola - Ectemnius stirpicola
Species trifasciatus - Ectemnius trifasciatus
No Taxon Subgenus Metacrabro
Species cephalotes - Ectemnius cephalotes
Species maculosus - Ectemnius maculosus
No Taxon Subgenus Protothyreopus
Species dilectus - Ectemnius dilectus
Species rufifemur - Ectemnius rufifemur
Genus Lestica
Species confluenta - Lestica confluenta
Species producticollis - Lestica producticollis
Genus Lindenius
Species montezuma - Lindenius montezuma
Genus Moniaecera
Genus Rhopalum
Species atlanticum - Rhopalum atlanticum
Species clavipes - Rhopalum clavipes
Species coarctatum - Rhopalum coarctatum
Genus Tracheliodes
Subtribe Anacrabronina
Genus Anacrabro
Species ocellatus - Anacrabro ocellatus
Tribe Larrini
Subtribe Larrina
Genus Larra - Mole Cricket Hunter Wasps
Species analis - Larra analis
Species bicolor - Larra bicolor
Genus Liris
Species apicipennis - Liris apicipennis
Species argentatus - Liris (Leptolarra) argentatus
Species partitus - Liris (Leptolarra) partitus
Subtribe Gastrosericina
Genus Larropsis
Species distincta - Larropsis (Ancistromma) distincta
Genus Tachysphex
Species pompiliformis - Tachysphex pompiliformis
Species similis - Tachysphex similis
No Taxon terminatus group
Genus Tachytes
Species abdominalis - Tachytes abdominalis
Species amazonus - Tachytes amazonus
Species aurulentus - Tachytes aurulentus
Species crassus - Tachytes crassus
Species desertus - Tachytes desertus
Species distinctus - Tachytes distinctus
Species grisselli - Tachytes grisselli
Species guatemalensis - Tachytes guatemalensis
Species intermedius - Tachytes intermedius
Species pennsylvanicus - Tachytes pennsylvanicus
Species sayi - Tachytes sayi
Species validus - Tachytes validus
No Taxon abdominalis-group
No Taxon pepticus-group
Tribe Miscophini
Genus Lyroda
Species subita - Lyroda subita
Genus Miscophus
Species americanus - Miscophus (Miscophus) americanus
Genus Plenoculus
Species davisi - Plenoculus davisi
Genus Solierella
Genus Nitela
Tribe Oxybelini
Genus Belomicrus
Genus Oxybelus
Species bipunctatus - Oxybelus bipunctatus
Species cressonii - Oxybelus cressonii
Species emarginatus - Oxybelus emarginatus
Species sericeus - Oxybelus sericeus
Species uniglumis - Oxybelus uniglumis
Tribe Trypoxylini
Genus Pison
Species koreense - Pison koreense
Genus Pisonopsis
Species birkmanni - Pisonopsis birkmanni
Genus Trypoxylon
No Taxon Subgenus Trypargilum
Species californicum - Trypoxylon californicum
Species clavatum - Trypoxylon clavatum
Subspecies johannis - Trypoxylon clavatum johannis
Subspecies clavatum - Trypoxylon clavatum clavatum
Species collinum - Trypoxylon collinum
Species lactitarse - Trypoxylon lactitarse
Species politum - Organ Pipe Mud-dauber Wasp
Species spinosum - Trypoxylon spinosum
Species texense - Trypoxylon texense
Species tridentatum - Trypoxylon tridentatum
Subspecies archboldi - Trypoxylon tridentatum archboldi
No Taxon Floridian red subspecies
No Taxon Subgenus Trypoxylon
Species frigidum - Trypoxylon frigidum
Species punctivertex - Trypoxylon punctivertex
Subfamily Mellininae
Genus Mellinus
Species abdominalis - Mellinus abdominalis
Species bimaculatus - Mellinus bimaculatus
Species imperialis - Mellinus imperialis
Species rufinodus - Mellinus rufinodus
Subfamily Pemphredoninae - Aphid Wasps
Tribe Pemphredonini
Subtribe Pemphredonina
Genus Diodontus
Genus Passaloecus
Species annulatus - Passaloecus annulatus
Species cuspidatus - Passaloecus cuspidatus
Genus Pemphredon
Species inornata - Pemphredon (Cemonus) inornata
Subtribe Stigmina
Genus Stigmus
Species americanus - Stigmus americanus
Subtribe Spilomenina
Genus Spilomena
Species hainesi - Spilomena hainesi
Species occidentalis - Spilomena occidentalis
Genus Xysma
Species ceanothae - Xysma ceanothae
Subtribe Ammoplanina
Genus Ammoplanops
Species vierecki - Ammoplanops vierecki
Genus Ammoplanus
Species chemehuevi - Ammoplanus chemehuevi
Species quabajai - Ammoplanus quabajai
Genus Parammoplanus
Species apache - Parammoplanus apache
Genus Pulverro
Species costano - Pulverro costano
Genus Timberlakena
Species yucaipa - Timberlakena yucaipa
Tribe Psenini
Genus Mimesa
Genus Mimumesa
Species clypeata - Mimumesa clypeata
Genus Pluto
Genus Psen
Species erythropoda - Psen erythropoda
Species monticola - Psen monticola
Genus Psenulus
Genus Pseneo
Species punctatus - Pseneo punctatus
Species simplicicornis - Pseneo simplicicornis
Subfamily Philanthinae
Tribe Aphilanthopini
Genus Aphilanthops - Ant Queen Kidnapping Wasps
Species frigidus - Eastern Ant-queen Kidnapper
Species hispidus - Aphilanthops hispidus
Species subfrigidus - Western Ant-queen Kidnapper
Genus Clypeadon
Tribe Cercerini
Genus Cerceris
Species acanthophila - Cerceris acanthophila
Species arelate - Cerceris arelate
Species atramontensis - Cerceris atramontensis
Species bicornuta - Cerceris bicornuta
Species blakei - Cerceris blakei
Species californica - Cerceris californica
Species clypeata - Cerceris clypeata
Species compacta - Cerceris compacta
Species conifrons - Cerceris conifrons
Species convergens - Cerceris convergens
Species crucis - Cerceris crucis
Species deserta - Cerceris deserta
Species dilatata - Cerceris dilatata
Species finitima - Cerceris finitima
Species flavofasciata - Cerceris flavofasciata
Subspecies floridensis - Cerceris flavofasciata floridensis
Species frontata - Cerceris frontata
Species fumipennis - Smoky-winged Beetle-bandit
Species gnarina - Cerceris gnarina
Species halone - Cerceris halone
Species insolita - Cerceris insolita
Species intricata - Cerceris intricata
Subspecies graphica - Cerceris intricata graphica
Species kennicottii - Cerceris kennicottii
Species nigrescens - Cerceris nigrescens
Species rufopicta - Cerceris rufopicta
Species sextoides - Cerceris sextoides
Species tolteca - Cerceris tolteca
Species truncata - Cerceris truncata
No Taxon Group I sensu Scullen
Species verticalis - Cerceris verticalis
Genus Eucerceris
Species arenaria - Eucerceris arenaria
Species bitruncata - Eucerceris bitruncata
Species canaliculata - Eucerceris canaliculata
Species cressoni - Eucerceris cressoni
Species flavocincta - Eucerceris flavocincta
Species montana - Eucerceris montana
Species provancheri - Eucerceris provancheri
Species rubripes - Eucerceris rubripes
Species superba - Eucerceris superba
Species tricolor - Eucerceris tricolor
Species vittatifrons - Eucerceris vittatifrons
Species zonata - Eucerceris zonata
Tribe Philanthini
Genus Philanthus - Beewolves
Species bicinctus - Bumble bee wolf
Species bilunatus - Philanthus bilunatus
Species crabroniformis - Philanthus crabroniformis
Species gibbosus - Philanthus gibbosus
Species gloriosus - Philanthus gloriosus
Species lepidus - Philanthus lepidus
Species multimaculatus - Philanthus multimaculatus
Species nasalis - Philanthus nasalis
Species pacificus - Philanthus pacificus
Species politus - Philanthus politus
Species sanbornii - Philanthus sanbornii
Species solivagus - Philanthus solivagus
Species ventilabris - Philanthus ventilabris
No Taxon zebratus-group
Species crotoniphilus - Philanthus crotoniphilus 0
No Taxon crabroniformis or multimaculatus
Genus Trachypus
Species mexicanus - Trachypus mexicanus