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Another crane fly? - Trichocera

Another crane fly? - Trichocera
Springfield, Virginia, USA
November 6, 2004
This fly was extremely small and delicate. It was photographed sitting on a clover in my lawn. I thought it was a mosquito at first, but after I uploaded the picture to my computer, I'm guessing that it's another crane fly. Any help identifying is appreciated.

Almost... Trichocera sp.
It is almost a cranefly. The midge belongs to the genus Trichocera, family Trichoceridae, and is generally known as 'winter cranefly'. One difference with craneflies is the presence of ocelli on the head (you can see some shine between the large eyes).

Although species of the genus are present trhough out the year (in western Europe one summer species and several winter species), the ones active later in the year are more conspicuous while the form swarms in gardens, etc. when hardly any other insects are present. The spider webs around our house are full of them right now.


Winter Crane Fly
Thanks for the info, Paul. I will keep an eye out for swarms of these "almost" crane flies.