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Blue and Gold Spider - Phidippus arizonensis

Blue and Gold Spider - Phidippus arizonensis
San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, USA
October 10, 2013
Size: unknown
Friend found it, totally freaked out

Moved from Jumping Spiders.

male Phidippus arizonensis
Pretty sure it's a variant of Phidippus arizonensis, which in a sense is a Mexican species, as most of its range is in Mexico. In the U.S., it occurs in New Mexico and Texas, but not Arizona! That is the result of a historical anomaly. The species was first found in the "Arizona territory" which included New Mexico prior to those states being formed, so in this case 'arizonensis' referred to a much larger geographical area than is presently considered.

I've never seen a jumping spi
I've never seen a jumping spider like that on Bugguide (or in person). Perhaps it is a Mexican species. Do you have any more photographs of it?

these are very gentle and fun to watch spiders..i have several wintering with me here, altho none as pretty as this one!

Moved from ID Request. This is a jumping spider, and a very striking one at that. I've moved it to the jumper page for the experts.