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Moth for ID - Cryphia nana

Moth for ID - Cryphia nana
Santee, San Diego County, California, USA
October 9, 2013
Size: Forewing length 10 mm
Found at UV light near Santee Lakes.

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Moth for ID - Cryphia nana Moth for ID - Cryphia nana

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Cryphia nana?
I think the images of Cryphia nana at both MPG and BugGuide are misidentified. This seems to match the original description better and the type locality is San Diego. I'll do some more checking to see if we can get a better determination.

The true identity of Cryphia nana is unclear. There may be confusion with a similar species in another genus which requires further research according to Chris Schmidt.

Mustelin comment
Tomas Mustelin suggested on the Facebook Southwestern Moths site for my best image of one of these that it is likely C. nana that occurs in coastal San Diego county. Norris Bloomfield has the only C. nana specimen in BOLD - collected in Borderfield State Park near Tijuana. The C. nana in its BugGuide were collected well to the north and inland.

A better specimen
has been found and is shown here -- BugGuide

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Cryphia flavidior or C. olivacea.
Jim Troubridge, to whom I sent the photos, thinks this looks like 9289 - Cryphia flavidior or possibly 9287 - C. olivacea.