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Dacnochilus angularis (Erichson) - Dacnochilus angularis

Dacnochilus angularis (Erichson) - Dacnochilus angularis
Sabal Palm Sanctuary, se Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas, USA
October 11, 2013
Det. M. A. Quinn, 2013
(Generic Det. by Margaret K. Thayer, 2013)

coll'ed at UV lights

spmn in the TAMUIC


Moved from Dacnochilus.

Moved from Lathrobiina.

Nice beetle and photo! Lucki
Nice beetle and photo! Luckily, Acalophaena was recently synonymized with Dacnochilus, so you can determine this beetle as the latter :)


The generic synonymy had slipped my mind, but apparently that was a relatively late decision - after looking in the collection, I was going to write back that it was Acalophaena angularis on the basis of Jimenez's det. label. Seeing the label reminded me of his revision, but I hadn't had a chance to look at the paper. So yes, Dacnochilus angularis (Erichson) is correct. I assume this is the species we mentioned in American Beetles as "one unidentified species from Texas" - now identified!

might be "Acalophaena" angularis
see fig 13 of this BCA plate...