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Fungus Gnat - Bolitophila

Fungus Gnat - Bolitophila
Topsham, Orange County, Vermont, USA
October 31, 2006
Size: 6.5-7mm
Found feeding on sap of a freshly cut beach.

Thanks again Chris
Moved from Fungus Gnats.

This is in the family Bolitophilidae (formerly a subfamily of Mycetophilidae) and is in the genus Bolitophila, the only genus in the family.



This one has
the wing venation of a fungus gnat, family Mycetophilidae . - Chen

Thanks Chen
Those Fungus Gnats have lots of different looks. I was hoping it was a crane fly:-)

Not spiny
Yes, we're getting a collection of these on BugGuide that lack the spiny legs. Most species are supposed to have legs that are pretty spiny, like good old 82088: