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Lycosidae  - Trochosa sepulchralis - female

Lycosidae - Trochosa sepulchralis - Female
Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas, USA
November 1, 2013
Size: 13mm BL
Found this girl hiding under some leaf litter among the Pardosa wolf spiders. The darkened ventral, broad dorsal stripe and presence of the double spots on the dorsal of the abdomen express Hogna frondicola.

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Lycosidae  - Trochosa sepulchralis - female Lycosidae  - Trochosa sepulchralis - female


I guess...
...this one finally got a species page! Thanks!

You're welcome ...
from what I could tell the other likely possibilities should have pale or spotted ventrals - there's a bunch more at family level that should probably go here but I just moved the ones that I did first because the ventrals were included.

Moved from Alopecosa.

Moved from Hogna frondicola.

I think you got it...
I guess it will be a first for the Genus in Kansas (on bugguide).

I hope so...
after I moved a couple of these I started doubting myself, though I didn't think it was H. frondicola. :)

Do you happen to have...
a clearer shot of the epigynum for this one? And is the lowest yellow spot on the ventral side a bit of debris or part of the spider?

I can later this week...
I have access to a dissecting scope for this individual. Also, the yellow spot is just debris.

This one ...
has been bugging me. I'm not sure but I wonder if it might be Alopecosa kochi?

The lighter coloration around the border of the carapace has a rougher appearance on them and the black ventral appears fuller in the H. frondicolas we have (I think there may be one H. frondicola misfiled under A. kochi, I need to see a good side view of a A. kochi palp to be more sure though...) ... I can't find a full ventral image of a female Alopecosa kochi so I don't know if the females look different, but the male ventral looks more similar I think to yours than H. frondicola. Did you ever get to look at her under a microscope?

Unfortunately I did not.
The specimen was unfortunately lost during a transport mishap. :(