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BG Gathering - Moth ID Request

BG Gathering - Moth ID Request
Florida Station, Santa Rita Experimental Range, Pima County, Arizona, USA
July 26, 2013
I'm thinking this is a Euproctis sp., but if anyone can at least confirm the family, that would be great.

May be the same individual as .

I'm having second (third?) thoughts
Maybe this is a Lymantriine?

Sorry for the confusion - this isn't an Arctiine.
Moved from Tiger Moths. I suspect this is an undescribed Megalopygid near Norape.

Moved from Browntail Moth. The posture of this one reminds me of some of the Limacodidae and Megalopygidae, but I believe this is a tiger moth.

Moved from Moths.

John, I'm glad you made your comment so I could place them both.