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Subfamily Cixiinae

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Auchenorrhyncha - True Hoppers
Infraorder Fulgoromorpha - Planthoppers
Superfamily Delphacoidea
Family Cixiidae - Cixiid Planthoppers
Subfamily Cixiinae

Tribe Cixiini
Genus Asotocixius
Species diopter - Asotocixius diopter
Genus Cixius
No Taxon bandarus group
No Taxon cultus group
Species cultus - Cixius cultus
Species ephratus - Cixius ephratus
Species praecox - Cixius praecox
No Taxon pini group
Species coloepeum - Cixius coloepeum
Species pini - Cixius pini
Species angustatus - Cixius angustatus
Species apicalis - Cixius apicalis
Species balli - Cixius balli
Species caldwelli - Cixius caldwelli
Species chisosus - Cixius chisosus
Species cinctus - Cixius cinctus
Species clitellus - Cixius clitellus
Species comptus - Cixius comptus
Species evexus - Cixius evexus
Species krameri - Cixius krameri
Species knulli - Cixius knulli
Species meridionalis - Cixius meridionalis
Species misellus - Cixius misellus
Species narke - Cixius narke
Species nervosus - Cixius nervosus
Species nike - Cixius nike
Species procrustes - Cixius procrustes
Species prodotes - Cixius prodotes
Species prominens - Cixius prominens
Species quebecensis - Cixius quebecensis
Species stigmatus - Cixius stigmatus
Species vandykei - Cixius vandykei
Species yufengi - Cixius yufengi
Genus Microledrida
Species flava - Microledrida flava
Species fuscata - Microledrida fuscata
Species olor - Microledrida olor
Genus Platycixius
Species calvus - Platycixius calvus
Genus Stegocixius
Species lochites - Stegocixius lochites
Tribe Oecleini
Genus Haplaxius
No Taxon beameri group
Species balli - Haplaxius balli
Species beameri - Haplaxius beameri
Species nevadensis - Haplaxius nevadensis
No Taxon catalinus group
Species catalinus - Haplaxius catalinus
Species gabrielensis - Haplaxius gabrielensis
Species mojavensis - Haplaxius mojavensis
Species nigrifrons - Haplaxius nigrifrons
Species nolinus - Haplaxius nolinus
Species texensis - Haplaxius texensis
No Taxon enotatus group
Species enotatus - Haplaxius enotatus
Species slossonae - Haplaxius slossonae
No Taxon laevis group
Species collinus - Haplaxius collinus
Species crena - Haplaxius crena
Species glyphis - Haplaxius glyphis
Species impiger - Haplaxius impiger
Species lophion - Haplaxius lophion
Subspecies alpha - Haplaxius lophion alpha
Subspecies lophion - Haplaxius lophion lophion
Species pictifrons - Haplaxius pictifrons
Species radicis - Haplaxius radicis
Species truncatus - Haplaxius truncatus
Species xyron - Haplaxius xyron
No Taxon pusillus group
Species neopusillus - Haplaxius neopusillus
Species pusillus - Haplaxius pusillus
Species crudus - American Palm Cixiid
Species dozieri - Haplaxius dozieri
Species flocki - Haplaxius flocki
Species fulvus - Haplaxius fulvus
Species lunatus - Haplaxius lunatus
Species occidentalis - Haplaxius occidentalis
Species ovatus - Haplaxius ovatus
Species rubidus - Haplaxius rubidus
Species viridicatus - Haplaxius viridicatus
Species viridis - Haplaxius viridis
Species wheeleri - Haplaxius wheeleri
Species yuccandus - Haplaxius yuccandus
No Taxon unknown species CA
No Taxon unknown species KS
No Taxon unknown species nr. pusillus
No Taxon unknown species TX
Genus Nymphocixia
Species unipunctata - Nymphocixia unipunctata
Genus Oecleus
Species arnellus - Oecleus arnellus
Species augur - Oecleus augur
Species balli - Oecleus balli
Species biflagellatus - Oecleus biflagellatus
Species borealis - Oecleus borealis
Species campestris - Oecleus campestris
Species capitulatus - Oecleus capitulatus
Species centronus - Oecleus centronus
Species chrisjohni - Oecleus chrisjohni
Species cucullus - Oecleus cucullus
Species epetrion - Oecleus epetrion
Species excavatus - Oecleus excavatus
Species fulvidorsum - Oecleus fulvidorsum
Species glochin - Oecleus glochin
Species jenniferae - Oecleus jenniferae
Species lineatus - Oecleus lineatus
Species lyra - Oecleus lyra
Species martharum - Oecleus martharum
Species monilipennis - Oecleus monilipennis
Species natatorius - Oecleus natatorius
Species netrion - Oecleus netrion
Species netron - Oecleus netron
Species nolinus - Oecleus nolinus
Species obrieni - Oecleus obrieni
Species obtusus - Oecleus obtusus
Species palton - Oecleus palton
Species patulus - Oecleus patulus
Species pellucens - Oecleus pellucens
Species pigmy - Oecleus pigmy
Species piperatus - Oecleus piperatus
Species planus - Oecleus planus
Species perpictus - Oecleus perpictus
Species pontifex - Oecleus pontifex
Species productus - Oecleus productus
Species quadrilineatus - Oecleus quadrilineatus
Species rhion - Oecleus rhion
Species sagittanus - Oecleus sagittanus
Species snowi - Oecleus snowi
Species subreflexus - Oecleus subreflexus
Species tamiamus - Oecleus tamiamus
Species troxanon - Oecleus troxanon
Species vates - Oecleus vates
Species venosus - Oecleus venosus
Tribe Pentastirini
Genus Melanoliarus
No Taxon subgenus Melanoliarus
Species acicus - Melanoliarus acicus
Species complectus - Melanoliarus complectus
Species viequensis - Melanoliarus viequensis
No Taxon aridus group
Species apache - Melanoliarus apache
Species aridus - Melanoliarus aridus
Species caldwelli - Melanoliarus caldwelli
Species californicus - Melanoliarus californicus
Species canyonensis - Melanoliarus canyonensis
Species hesperius - Melanoliarus hesperius
Species kieferi - Melanoliarus kieferi
Species knullorum - Melanoliarus knullorum
Species lobatus - Melanoliarus lobatus
Species papagonus - Melanoliarus papagonus
Species pima - Melanoliarus pima
Species retentus - Melanoliarus retentus
Species sementinus - Melanoliarus sementinus
Species sonoitus - Melanoliarus sonoitus
Species truncatus - Melanoliarus truncatus
No Taxon chuliotus group
Species bispinus - Melanoliarus bispinus
Species chuliotus - Melanoliarus chuliotus
Species sablensis - Melanoliarus sablensis
No Taxon concinnulus group
Species altanatus - Melanoliarus altanatus
Species corvinus - Melanoliarus corvinus
Species dondonius - Melanoliarus dondonius
Species littoralis - Melanoliarus littoralis
Species sylvaticus - Melanoliarus sylvaticus
Species zyxus - Melanoliarus zyxus
No Taxon placitus group
Species eximus - Melanoliarus eximus
Species montanus - Melanoliarus montanus
Species placitus - Melanoliarus placitus
No Taxon dark form
No Taxon pale form
Species teximus - Melanoliarus teximus
No Taxon quinquelineatus group
Species quinquelineatus - Melanoliarus quinquelineatus
Species vicarius - Melanoliarus vicarius
No Taxon yavapanus group
Species forcipatus - Melanoliarus forcipatus
Species uncatus - Melanoliarus uncatus
Species yavapanus - Melanoliarus yavapanus
Species altanus - Melanoliarus altanus
Species arizonensis - Melanoliarus arizonensis
Species catus - Melanoliarus catus
Species coconinus - Melanoliarus coconinus
Species difficilis - Melanoliarus difficilis
Species ecologus - Melanoliarus ecologus
Species humilis - Melanoliarus humilis
Species pygmaeus - Melanoliarus pygmaeus
Species slossoni - Melanoliarus slossoni
Species texanus - Melanoliarus texanus
No Taxon unknown species FL 1
No Taxon unknown species TX 1
No Taxon unknown species TX 2
No Taxon unknown species UT
Genus Oliaronus
Species tontonus - Oliaronus tontonus
Genus Pentastiridius
Species cinnamomeus - Pentastiridius cinnamomeus
Species habeckorum - Pentastiridius habeckorum
Genus Reptalus
Species exoptatus - Reptalus exoptatus
Species fidus - Reptalus fidus
Species beirnei - Reptalus beirnei
Tribe Pintaliini
Genus Monorachis
Species sordulentus - Monorachis sordulentus
Genus Pintalia
Species delicata - Pintalia delicata
Species gurneyi - Pintalia gurneyi
Species vibex - Pintalia vibex