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Infraorder Pentatomomorpha

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder Heteroptera - True Bugs
Infraorder Pentatomomorpha

Family Aradidae - Flat Bugs
Subfamily Aneurinae
Genus Aneurus
Species borealis - Aneurus borealis
Species fiskei - Aneurus fiskei
Species inconstans - Aneurus inconstans
Species politus - Aneurus politus
No Taxon leptocerus or politus
Species simplex - Aneurus simplex
Subfamily Aradinae
Genus Aradus
Species abbas - Aradus abbas
Species acutus - Aradus acutus
Species aequalis - Aradus aequalis
Species antennalis - Aradus antennalis
Species approximatus - Aradus approximatus
Species basalis - Aradus basalis
Species behrensi - Aradus behrensi
Species blaisdelli - Aradus blaisdelli
Species borealis - Aradus borealis
Species compressus - Aradus compressus
Species crenatus - Aradus crenatus
Species debilis - Aradus debilis
Species depictus - Aradus depictus
Species duzeei - Aradus duzeei
Species falleni - Aradus falleni
Species funestus - Aradus funestus
Species fuscomaculatus - Aradus fuscomaculatus
Species gracilicornis - Aradus gracilicornis
Species implanus - Aradus implanus
Species inornatus - Aradus inornatus
Species insolitus - Aradus insolitus
Species intectus - Aradus intectus
Species kormilevi - Pine Flat Bug
Species lugubris - Aradus lugubris
Species ornatus - Aradus ornatus
Species paganicus - Aradus paganicus
Species parvicornis - Aradus parvicornis
Species persimilis - Aradus persimilis
Species proboscideus - Aradus proboscideus
Species quadrilineatus - Aradus quadrilineatus
Species robustus - Aradus robustus
Species shermani - Aradus shermani
Species similis - Aradus similis
Species tuberculifer - Aradus tuberculifer
Species uniannulatus - Aradus uniannulatus
Species uniformis - Aradus uniformis
Species vadosus - Aradus vadosus
No Taxon nymphs
No Taxon nr falleni with thin antennae
Genus Quilnus
Species heidemanni - Quilnus heidemanni
Species niger - Quilnus niger
Subfamily Carventinae
Genus Acaricoris
Species floridus - Acaricoris floridus
Genus Neoproxius
Species gypsatus - Neoproxius gypsatus
Subfamily Mezirinae
Genus Mezira
Species emarginata - Mezira emarginata
Species granulata - Mezira granulata
Species lobata - Mezira lobata
Species pacifica - Mezira pacifica
Species sayi - Mezira sayi
No Taxon lobata or emarginata
Species subsetosa - Mezira subsetosa
Genus Neuroctenus
Species elongatus - Neuroctenus elongatus
Species hopkinsi - Neuroctenus hopkinsi
Species pseudonymus - Neuroctenus pseudonymus
Species simplex - Neuroctenus simplex
Genus Notapictinus
Species aurivillii - Notapictinus aurivillii
Superfamily Lygaeoidea
Family Artheneidae
Genus Chilacis
Species typhae - Bulrush Bug
Genus Holcocranum
Species saturejae - Holcocranum saturejae
Family Berytidae - Stilt Bugs
Subfamily Berytinae
Genus Berytinus
Species minor - Berytinus minor
Genus Neoneides
Species muticus - Neoneides muticus
Subfamily Metacanthinae
Genus Jalysus
Species spinosus - Jalysus spinosus
Species wickhami - Spined Stilt Bug
No Taxon spinosus or wickhami
Genus Metacanthus
Species multispinus - Metacanthus multispinus
Subfamily Gampsocorinae
Genus Hoplinus
Species echinatus - Hoplinus echinatus
Genus Pronotacantha
Species annulata - Pronotacantha annulata
No Taxon unidentified nymphs
Family Blissidae
Genus Blissus - Chinch Bugs
Species arenarius - Blissus arenarius
Species canadensis - Blissus canadensis
Species insularis - Southern Chinch Bug
Species leucopterus - Hairy Chinch Bug
Subspecies hirtus - Hairy Chinch Bug
Species occiduus - Western Chinch Bug
Species sweeti - Blissus sweeti
Genus Ischnodemus
Species badius - Ischnodemus badius
Species brunnipennis - Ischnodemus brunnipennis
Species conicus - Ischnodemus conicus
Species falicus - Ischnodemus falicus
Species fulvipes - Ischnodemus fulvipes
Species hesperius - Ischnodemus hesperius
Species macer - Ischnodemus macer
Species sallei - Ischnodemus sallei
Species variegatus - Myakka Bug
Genus Toonglasa
Species umbrata - Toonglasa umbrata
Genus Wheelerodemus
Species muhlenbergiae - Wheelerodemus muhlenbergiae
Family Cymidae
Genus Cymus
Species angustatus - Cymus angustatus
Species robustus - Cymus robustus
Species discors - Cymus discors
Species luridus - Cymus luridus
Genus Cymodema
Species breviceps - Cymodema breviceps
Family Geocoridae - Big-eyed Bugs
Genus Geocoris - Big-eyed Bugs
Species atricolor - Geocoris atricolor
Species bullatus - Large Big-eyed Bug
Species discopterus - Geocoris discopterus
Species floridanus - Florida Big-eyed Bug
Species frisoni - Geocoris frisoni
Species howardi - Geocoris howardi
Species limbatus - Geocoris limbatus
Species pallens - Western Big-eyed Bug
Species punctipes - Geocoris punctipes
Species uliginosus - Geocoris uliginosus
Species undescribed - Geocoris undescribed
Genus Isthmocoris
Species imperialis - Isthmocoris imperialis
Species piceus - Isthmocoris piceus
Family Heterogastridae
Genus Heterogaster
Species behrensii - Heterogaster behrensii
Species urticae - Heterogaster urticae
Family Lygaeidae - Seed Bugs
Subfamily Ischnorhynchinae
Genus Kleidocerys
Species franciscanus - Kleidocerys franciscanus
Species modestus - Kleidocerys modestus
Species ovalis - Kleidocerys ovalis
Species resedae - Birch Catkin Bug
Species virescens - Kleidocerys virescens
No Taxon ovalis or resedae
No Taxon nymphs
Subfamily Lygaeinae
Genus Anochrostomus
Species formosus - Anochrostomus formosus
Genus Arocatus
Species melanocephalus - Elm Seed Bug
Genus Lygaeus
Species kalmii - Small Milkweed Bug
Species reclivatus - Lygaeus reclivatus
Species turcicus - False Milkweed Bug
Genus Lygaeospilus
Species tripunctatus - Lygaeospilus tripunctatus
Species near-pusio - Lygaeospilus near-pusio
Genus Melacoryphus
Species circumlitus - Melacoryphus circumlitus
Species lateralis - Melacoryphus lateralis
Species nigrinervis - Melacoryphus nigrinervis
Species rubicollis - Melacoryphus rubicollis
Genus Melanopleurus
Species belfragei - Melanopleurus belfragei
Species pyrrhopterus - Melanopleurus pyrrhopterus
Genus Neacoryphus
Species bicrucis - Whitecrossed Seed Bug
Genus Ochrimnus
Species mimulus - Ochrimnus (Phaeochrimnus) mimulus
Species tripligatus - Ochrimnus (Ochrimnus) tripligatus
No Taxon subgenus Parochrimnus
Species barberi - Ochrimnus barberi
Species lineoloides - Ochrimnus (Parochrimnus) lineoloides
Genus Ochrostomus
Species uhleri - Ochrostomus uhleri
Genus Oncopeltus
No Taxon subgenus Erythrischius
Species fasciatus - Large Milkweed Bug
No Taxon subgenus Oncopeltus
Species cayensis - Oncopeltus cayensis
Species sanguineolentus - Oncopeltus sanguineolentus
Species sexmaculatus - Six-spotted Milkweed Bug
Subfamily Orsillinae
Genus Nysius - False Chinch Bug
Species fuscovittatus - Nysius fuscovittatus
Species raphanus - Nysius raphanus
Genus Xyonysius
Species californicus - California False Chinch Bug
Species basalis - Xyonysius basalis
Tribe Orsillini
Genus Belonochilus
Species numenius - Sycamore Seed Bug
Genus Neortholomus
Species koreshanus - Neortholomus koreshanus
Species scolopax - Neortholomus scolopax
No Taxon nymphs
Family Ninidae
Genus Cymoninus
Species notabilis - Cymoninus notabilis
Family Oxycarenidae
Genus Crophius
Species disconotus - Crophius disconotus
Species scabrosus - Crophius scabrosus
Species schwarzi - Crophius schwarzi
Genus Dycoderus
Species picturatus - Dycoderus picturatus
Genus Metopoplax
Species ditomoides - Metopoplax ditomoides
Genus Microplax
Species albofasciata - Microplax albofasciata
Genus Oxycarenus
Species lavaterae - Lime Seed Bug
Species hyalinipennis - Cotton Seed Bug
Family Pachygronthidae
Genus Oedancala
Species crassimana - Oedancala crassimana
Species dorsalis - Oedancala dorsalis
Genus Phlegyas
Species annulicrus - Phlegyas annulicrus
Species abbreviatus - Phlegyas abbreviatus
Family Piesmatidae - Ash-gray Leaf Bugs
Genus Parapiesma
Species cinereum - Parapiesma cinereum
Genus Piesma
Family Rhyparochromidae - Dirt-colored Seed Bugs
Subfamily Plinthisinae
Tribe Plinthisini
Genus Plinthisus
Species brevipennis - Plinthisus brevipennis
Species martini - Plinthisus martini
Subfamily Rhyparochrominae
Tribe Antillocorini
Genus Antillocoris
Species discretus - Antillocoris discretus
Species minutus - Antillocoris minutus
Species pilosulus - Antillocoris pilosulus
Genus Botocudo
Species modestus - Botocudo modestus
Genus Paurocoris
Species punctatus - Paurocoris punctatus
Genus Cligenes
Species distinctus - Cligenes distinctus
Tribe Drymini
Genus Drymus
Species brunneus - Drymus brunneus
Species crassus - Drymus crassus
Species unus - Drymus unus
Genus Eremocoris
Species borealis - Eremocoris borealis
Species depressus - Eremocoris depressus
Species dimidiatus - Eremocoris dimidiatus
Species ferus - Eremocoris ferus
Species semicinctus - Eremocoris semicinctus
Species setosus - Eremocoris setosus
No Taxon -- suspect new sp. close to E. dimidiatus Van Duzee
No Taxon -- suspect G.G.E. Scudder's new sp.
No Taxon borealis or ferus
No Taxon western sp. contrasting dorsum, dark antennae
Genus Gastrodes
Species pacificus - Gastrodes pacificus
Genus Scolopostethus
Species atlanticus - Scolopostethus atlanticus
Species diffidens - Scolopostethus diffidens
Species pacificus - Scolopostethus pacificus
Species thomsoni - Scolopostethus thomsoni
Species tropicus - Scolopostethus tropicus
Genus Thylochromus
Species nitidulus - Thylochromus nitidulus
Genus Togodolentus
Species wrighti - Togodolentus wrighti
Tribe Gonianotini
Genus Atrazonotus
Species umbrosus - Umbrose Seed Bug
Genus Delochilocoris
Species caliginosus - Delochilocoris caliginosus
Genus Emblethis
Species vicarius - Sand Bug
Genus Malezonotus
Species rufipes - Malezonotus rufipes
Species sodalicius - Malezonotus sodalicius
Genus Trapezonotus
Species arenarius - Trapezonotus arenarius
Species lattini - Trapezonotus lattini
Tribe Lethaeini
Genus Cistalia
Species explanata - Cistalia explanata
Genus Cryphula
Species nitens - Cryphula nitens
Species trimaculata - Cryphula trimaculata
Genus Paragonatas
Species divergens - Paragonatas divergens
Species costaricensis - Paragonatas costaricensis
Genus Valtissius
Species diversus - Valtissius diversus
Genus Xestocoris
Species nitens - Xestocoris nitens
Tribe Megalonotini
Genus Lamprodema
Species maura - Lamprodema maura
Genus Megalonotus
Species sabulicola - Megalonotus sabulicola
Genus Sphragisticus
Species nebulosus - Sphragisticus nebulosus
Tribe Myodochini
Genus Ashlockaria
Species diadema - Ashlockaria diadema
Genus Carpilis
Species barberi - Carpilis barberi
Genus Caenopamera
Genus Cnemodus
Species hirtipes - Cnemodus hirtipes
Species mavortius - Cnemodus mavortius
Genus Ereminellus
Species vitabundus - Ereminellus vitabundus
Genus Froeschneria
Species piligera - Froeschneria piligera
Genus Heraeus
Species coquilletti - Heraeus coquilletti
Species plebejus - Heraeus plebejus
Species triguttatus - Heraeus triguttatus
Genus Kolenetrus
Species plenus - Kolenetrus plenus
Genus Ligyrocoris
Species depictus - Ligyrocoris depictus
Species diffusus - Ligyrocoris diffusus
Species latimarginatus - Ligyrocoris latimarginatus
Species litigiosus - Ligyrocoris litigiosus
Species obscurus - Ligyrocoris obscurus
Species sylvestris - Ligyrocoris sylvestris
Genus Myodocha - Long-necked Seed Bugs
Species annulicornis - Banded Long-necked Seed Bug
Species serripes - Long-necked Seed Bug
Genus Neopamera
Species albocincta - Neopamera albocincta
Species bilobata - Neopamera bilobata
Genus Pachybrachius
Species luridus - Pachybrachius luridus
Species fracticollis - Pachybrachius fracticollis
Genus Paromius
Species longulus - Paromius longulus
Genus Perigenes
Species similis - Perigenes similis
Species constrictus - Perigenes constrictus
Genus Prytanes
Species confusus - Prytanes confusus
Species dissimilis - Prytanes dissimilis
Species fuscicornis - Prytanes fuscicornis
Species oblongus - Prytanes oblongus
Genus Pseudocnemodus
Species canadensis - Pseudocnemodus canadensis
Genus Pseudopachybrachius
Species vinctus - Pseudopachybrachius vinctus
Species basalis - Pseudopachybrachius basalis
Genus Pseudopamera
Species aurivilliana - Pseudopamera aurivilliana
Species nitidicollis - Pseudopamera nitidicollis
Species nitidula - Pseudopamera nitidula
Species setosa - Pseudopamera setosa
Genus Ptochiomera
Species nodosa - Ptochiomera nodosa
Genus Sisamnes
Species contractus - Sisamnes contractus
Species claviger - Sisamnes claviger
Genus Slaterobius
Species insignis - Slaterobius insignis
Genus Valonetus
Species puberulus - Valonetus puberulus
Genus Zeridoneus
Species knulli - Zeridoneus knulli
Species costalis - Zeridoneus costalis
Tribe Ozophorini
Genus Balboa
Species ampliata - Balboa ampliata
Genus Ozophora
Species burmeisteri - Ozophora burmeisteri
Species depicturata - Ozophora depicturata
Species laticephala - Ozophora laticephala
Species picturata - Ozophora picturata
Species salsaverdeae - Ozophora salsaverdeae
Species trinotata - Ozophora trinotata
Tribe Rhyparochromini
Genus Dieuches
Species armatipes - Dieuches armatipes
Genus Peritrechus
Species convivus - Peritrechus convivus
Species fraternus - Peritrechus fraternus
Species tristis - Peritrechus tristis
Genus Raglius
Species alboacuminatus - Raglius alboacuminatus
Genus Rhyparochromus
Species vulgaris - Rhyparochromus vulgaris
Genus Uhleriola
Species floralis - Uhleriola floralis
Genus Xanthochilus
Species saturnius - Mediterranean Seed Bug
Tribe Stygnocorini
Genus Stygnocoris
Species rusticus - Stygnocoris rusticus
Species sabulosus - Stygnocoris sabulosus
Tribe Udeocorini
Genus Neosuris
Species castanea - Neosuris castanea
Genus Tempyra
Species biguttula - Tempyra biguttula
No Taxon Unidentified nymphs
Superfamily Coreoidea - Leatherbugs
Family Alydidae - Broad-headed Bugs
Subfamily Alydinae
Genus Alydus
Species calcaratus - Alydus calcaratus
Species conspersus - Alydus conspersus
Species eurinus - Alydus eurinus
Species pilosulus - Alydus pilosulus
Species tomentosus - Alydus tomentosus
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Apidaurus
Species conspersus - Apidaurus conspersus
Genus Burtinus
Species notatipennis - Burtinus notatipennis
Genus Hyalymenus
Species longispinus - Hyalymenus longispinus
Species subinermis - Hyalymenus subinermis
Species tarsatus - Texas Bow-legged Bug
Genus Megalotomus
Species quinquespinosus - Lupine Bug
Genus Neomegalotomus
Species rufipes - Neomegalotomus rufipes
Genus Stachyocnemus
Species apicalis - Stachyocnemus apicalis
Genus Tollius
Species curtulus - Tollius curtulus
Species setosus - Tollius setosus
Subfamily Micrelytrinae
Genus Stenocoris - Rice Bugs
Species tipuloides - Stenocoris tipuloides
Species furcifera - Stenocoris furcifera
Tribe Micrelytrini
Genus Cydamus
Species borealis - Cydamus borealis
Genus Darmistus
Species crassicornis - Darmistus crassicornis
Species duncani - Darmistus duncani
Species subvittatus - Darmistus subvittatus
Genus Esperanza
Species texana - Esperanza texana
Genus Protenor
Species belfragei - Protenor belfragei
No Taxon Not yet identified nymphs
Family Coreidae - Leaf-footed Bugs
Subfamily Coreinae
Tribe Acanthocephalini
Genus Acanthocephala
Species alata - Acanthocephala alata
Species declivis - Acanthocephala declivis
Species femorata - Acanthocephala femorata
Species terminalis - Acanthocephala terminalis
Species thomasi - Giant Agave Bug
Tribe Acanthocerini
Genus Acanthocerus
Species lobatus - Acanthocerus lobatus
Genus Euthochtha
Species galeator - Helmeted Squash Bug
Genus Sagotylus
Species confluens - Sagotylus confluens
Tribe Anisoscelini
Genus Anisoscelis
Species affinis - Flag-footed Bug
Genus Chondrocera
Species laticornis - Chondrocera laticornis
Genus Leptoglossus
Species ashmeadi - Leptoglossus ashmeadi
Species brevirostris - Leptoglossus brevirostris
Species concolor - Leptoglossus concolor
Species clypealis - Western Leaf-footed Bug
Species corculus - Leaf-footed Pine Seed Bug
Species fulvicornis - Leptoglossus fulvicornis
Species gonagra - Passionvine Bug
Species occidentalis - Western Conifer Seed Bug
Species oppositus - Leptoglossus oppositus
Species phyllopus - Leptoglossus phyllopus
Species zonatus - Leptoglossus zonatus
Genus Narnia
Species femorata - Narnia femorata
Species snowi - Narnia snowi
Species wilsoni - Narnia wilsoni
Genus Phthiacnemia
Species picta - Phthiacnemia picta
Tribe Chariesterini
Genus Chariesterus
Species antennator - Euphorbia Bug
Species balli - Chariesterus balli
Tribe Chelinideini
Genus Chelinidea
Species canyona - Chelinidea canyona
Species hunteri - Chelinidea hunteri
Species tabulata - Chelinidea tabulata
Species vittiger - Cactus Coreid
Subspecies aequoris - Chelinidea vittiger aequoris
Tribe Coreini
Genus Althos
Species obscurator - Althos obscurator
Genus Anasa - Squash Bugs
Species andresii - Anasa andresii
Species armigera - Anasa armigera
Species repetita - Anasa repetita
Species scorbutica - Anasa scorbutica
Species tristis - Squash Bug
Genus Catorhintha
Species apicalis - Catorhintha apicalis
Species flava - Catorhintha flava
Species guttula - Catorhintha guttula
Species mendica - Catorhintha mendica
Species selector - Catorhintha selector
Species texana - Catorhintha texana
Species viridipes - Catorhintha viridipes
Genus Centrocoris
Species variegatus - Centrocoris variegatus
Genus Cimolus
Species obscurus - Cimolus obscurus
Genus Hypselonotus
Species lineatus - Hypselonotus lineatus
Species punctiventris - Spot-sided Coreid
Genus Madura
Species perfida - Madura perfida
Genus Namacus
Species annulicornis - Namacus annulicornis
Genus Nisoscolopocerus
Species apiculatus - Nisoscolopocerus apiculatus
Genus Scolopocerus
Species granulosus - Scolopocerus granulosus
Species secundarius - Scolopocerus secundarius
Species uhleri - Scolopocerus uhleri
Genus Sethenira
Species ferruginea - Sethenira ferruginea
Genus Vazquezitocoris
Species repletus - Vazquezitocoris repletus
Genus Villasitocoris
Species inconspicuus - Villasitocoris inconspicuus
Genus Zicca
Species taeniola - Zicca taeniola
Tribe Discogastrini
Genus Savius
Species jurgiosus - Savius jurgiosus
Tribe Nematopini
Genus Mamurius
Species mopsus - Mamurius mopsus
Genus Mozena
Species arizonensis - Mozena arizonensis
Species brunnicornis - Mozena brunnicornis
Species buenoi - Mozena buenoi
Species lunata - Mozena lunata
Species obesa - Mozena obesa
Species obtusa - Mozena obtusa
Genus Piezogaster
Species calcarator - Piezogaster calcarator
Species indecorus - Piezogaster indecorus
Species spurcus - Piezogaster spurcus
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Thasus
Species neocalifornicus - Giant Mesquite Bug
Tribe Spartocerini
Genus Eubule
Species spartocerana - Eubule spartocerana
Genus Sephina
Species gundlachii - Giant Milkweed Bug
Genus Spartocera
Species batatas - Giant Sweetpotato Bug
Species diffusa - Spartocera diffusa
Species fusca - Spartocera fusca
Subfamily Meropachyinae
Genus Merocoris
Species curtatus - Merocoris curtatus
Species distinctus - Merocoris distinctus
Species typhaeus - Merocoris typhaeus
Subfamily Pseudophloeinae
Genus Ceraleptus
Species americanus - Ceraleptus americanus
Species pacificus - Ceraleptus pacificus
Species probolus - Ceraleptus probolus
Genus Coriomeris
Species humilis - Coriomeris humilis
No Taxon Unidentified Coreid Eggs and Hatchlings
No Taxon not yet identified nymphs
Family Rhopalidae - Scentless Plant Bugs
Subfamily Rhopalinae
Tribe Harmostini
Genus Aufeius
Species impressicollis - Aufeius impressicollis
Genus Harmostes
Species angustatus - Harmostes angustatus
Species dorsalis - Harmostes dorsalis
Species fraterculus - Harmostes fraterculus
Species reflexulus - Harmostes reflexulus
Species serratus - Harmostes serratus
Tribe Rhopalini
Genus Brachycarenus
Species tigrinus - Brachycarenus tigrinus
Genus Liorhyssus
Species hyalinus - Hyaline Grass Bug
Genus Stictopleurus
Species punctiventris - Stictopleurus punctiventris
Species viridicatus - Stictopleurus viridicatus
Tribe Niesthreini
Genus Arhyssus
Species scutatus - Arhyssus scutatus
Species nigristernum - Arhyssus nigristernum
Species lateralis - Arhyssus lateralis
Genus Niesthrea
Species louisianica - Niesthrea louisianica
Species sidae - Niesthrea sidae
Subfamily Serinethinae - Soapberry Bugs
Genus Boisea
Species rubrolineata - Western Boxelder Bug
Species trivittata - Eastern Boxelder Bug
Genus Jadera
Species coturnix - Jadera coturnix
Species haematoloma - Red-shouldered Bug
Species hinnulea - Jadera hinnulea
No Taxon Unidentified Eggs & Nymphs
Superfamily Pentatomoidea
Family Acanthosomatidae - Shield Bugs
Genus Cyphostethus
Species tristriatus - Juniper Shield Bug
Genus Elasmostethus
Species atricornis - Elasmostethus atricornis
Species cruciatus - Red-Cross Shield Bug
Species interstinctus - Birch Shield Bug
Genus Elasmucha
Species lateralis - Elasmucha lateralis
Family Cydnidae - Burrowing Bugs
Genus Amnestus
Species basidentatus - Amnestus basidentatus
Species pallidus - Amnestus pallidus
Species pusillus - Amnestus pusillus
Species spinifrons - Amnestus spinifrons
Genus Scaptocoris
Species castaneus - Scaptocoris castaneus
Genus Sehirus
Species cinctus - White-margined Burrower Bug
Subfamily Cydninae
Tribe Cydnini
Genus Chilocoris
Species repetitus - Chilocoris repetitus
Genus Cydnus
Species aterrimus - Cydnus aterrimus
Tribe Geotomini
Genus Cyrtomenus
Species crassus - Cyrtomenus crassus
Species ciliatus - Cyrtomenus ciliatus
Genus Dallasiellus
Species lugubris - Dallasiellus lugubris
No Taxon Subgenus Pseudopangaeus
Genus Melanaethus
Species noctivagus - Melanaethus noctivagus
Species pensylvanicus - Melanaethus pensylvanicus
Species planifrons - Melanaethus planifrons
Species robustus - Melanaethus robustus
Species subpunctatus - Melanaethus subpunctatus
Genus Microporus
Species obliquus - Microporus obliquus
Species nigrita - Black Ground Bug
Genus Pangaeus
Species bilineatus - Pangaeus bilineatus
Species congruus - Pangaeus congruus
Species punctilineus - Pangaeus punctilineus
No Taxon setosus or tuberculipes
Genus Rhytidoporus
Species compactus - Rhytidoporus compactus
Species indentatus - Rhytidoporus indentatus
Genus Tominotus
Species communis - Tominotus communis
Species conformis - Tominotus conformis
Species hogenhoferi - Tominotus hogenhoferi
Species unisetosus - Tominotus unisetosus
Family Pentatomidae - Stink Bugs
Subfamily Asopinae - Predatory Stink Bugs
Genus Alcaeorrhynchus
Species grandis - Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug
Genus Andrallus
Species spinidens - Andrallus spinidens
Genus Apateticus
Species lineolatus - Apateticus lineolatus
Species marginiventris - Apateticus marginiventris
Genus Apoecilus
Species bracteatus - Apoecilus bracteatus
Species cynicus - Apoecilus cynicus
Species invarius - Apoecilus invarius
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Conquistator
Species mucronatus - Conquistator mucronatus
Genus Euthyrhynchus
Species floridanus - Florida Predatory Stink Bug
Genus Oplomus
Species dichrous - Oplomus dichrous
Species mundus - Oplomus mundus
Genus Perillus
Species bioculatus - Two-spotted Stink Bug
No Taxon nymphs
Species circumcinctus - Perillus circumcinctus
Species confluens - Perillus confluens
Species exaptus - Perillus exaptus
Species splendidus - Perillus splendidus
Species strigipes - Perillus strigipes
Genus Picromerus
Species bidens - Picromerus bidens
Genus Podisus
Species brevispinus - Podisus brevispinus
Species maculiventris - Spined Soldier Bug
Species neglectus - Podisus neglectus
Species placidus - Podisus placidus
Species serieventris - Podisus serieventris
Species sagitta - Podisus sagitta
No Taxon Unidentified nymphs and eggs
No Taxon images that Dr. D.B. Thomas was unable to identify to species
Genus Rhacognathus
Species americanus - Rhacognathus americanus
Genus Stiretrus
Species anchorago - Anchor Stink Bug
Genus Tylospilus
Species acutissimus - Tylospilus acutissimus
Genus Zicrona
Species americana - Zicrona americana
Species caerulea - Zicrona caerulea
No Taxon Not yet identified nymphs
Subfamily Discocephalinae
Genus Lineostethus
Species clypealis - Lineostethus clypealis
Species tenebricornis - Lineostethus tenebricornis
Subfamily Edessinae
Genus Ascra
Species bifida - Ascra bifida
Species florida - Ascra florida
Subfamily Pentatominae
Tribe Aeliini
Genus Aelia
Species americana - Aelia americana
Genus Neottiglossa
No Taxon subgenus Neottiglossa
Species trilineata - Neottiglossa trilineata 0
Species undata - Neottiglossa undata
No Taxon subgenus Texas
Species cavifrons - Neottiglossa cavifrons
Species sulcifrons - Neottiglossa sulcifrons
Species tumidifrons - Neottiglossa tumidifrons
Tribe Agonoscelidini
Genus Agonoscelis
Species puberula - African Cluster Bug
Tribe Cappaeini
Genus Halyomorpha
Species halys - Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
No Taxon nymphs
Tribe Carpocorini
Genus Antheminia
Species sulcata - Antheminia sulcata
Species remota - Antheminia remota
Genus Coenus
Species delius - Coenus delius
Genus Cosmopepla
Species binotata - Cosmopepla binotata
Species conspicillaris - Cosmopepla conspicillaris
Species decorata - Cosmopepla decorata
Species intergressa - Cosmopepla intergressa
Species lintneriana - Twice-stabbed Stink Bug
Species uhleri - Cosmopepla uhleri
Genus Euschistus
Species acuminatus - Euschistus acuminatus
Species biformis - Euschistus biformis
Species conspersus - Consperse Stink Bug
Species crassus - Euschistus crassus
Species crenator - Euschistus crenator
Species egglestoni - Euschistus egglestoni
Species ictericus - Euschistus ictericus
Species inflatus - Euschistus inflatus
Species latimarginatus - Euschistus latimarginatus
Species obscurus - Euschistus obscurus
Species politus - Euschistus politus
Species quadrator - Euschistus quadrator
Species servus - Brown Stink Bug
Subspecies euschistoides - Euschistus servus euschistoides
Subspecies servus - Euschistus servus servus
Species strenuus - Euschistus strenuus
Species tristigmus - Dusky Stink Bug
Subspecies luridus - Euschistus tristigmus luridus
Subspecies tristigmus - Euschistus tristigmus tristigmus
Species variolarius - One-spotted Stink Bug
No Taxon images that D.B. Thomas couldn't identify past genus
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Holcostethus
Species abbreviatus - Holcostethus abbreviatus
Species fulvipes - Holcostethus fulvipes
Species limbolarius - Holcostethus limbolarius
Species macdonaldi - Holcostethus macdonaldi 0
Species piceus - Holcostethus piceus
Species tristis - Holcostethus tristis
Genus Hymenarcys
Species crassa - Hymenarcys crassa
Species nervosa - Hymenarcys nervosa
Genus Kermana
Species imbuta - Kermana imbuta
Genus Mcphersonarcys
Species aequalis - Mcphersonarcys aequalis
Genus Menecles
Species insertus - Menecles insertus
Genus Moromorpha
Species tetra - Moromorpha tetra
Genus Mormidea
Species lugens - Mormidea lugens
No Taxon subgenus Mormidea
Species cubrosa - Mormidea cubrosa
Species pama - Mormidea pama
Species pictiventris - Mormidea pictiventris
Genus Oebalus
Species mexicanus - Oebalus mexicanus
Species pugnax - Rice Stink Bug
Species ypsilongriseus - Oebalus ypsilongriseus
Species insularis - Oebalus insularis
Genus Prionosoma
Species podopioides - Prionosoma podopioides
Genus Proxys
Species punctulatus - Black Stink Bug
Genus Trichopepla
Species atricornis - Trichopepla atricornis
Species aurora - Trichopepla aurora
Species dubia - Trichopepla dubia
Species grossa - Trichopepla grossa
Species semivittata - Trichopepla semivittata
Tribe Catacanthini
Genus Vulsirea
Species nigrorubra - Vulsirea nigrorubra
Species violacea - Vulsirea violacea
Tribe Chlorocorini
Genus Arvelius
Species albopunctatus - Tomato Stink Bug
Genus Chlorocoris
Species distinctus - Chlorocoris distinctus
No Taxon subgenus Monochrocerus
Species hebetatus - Chlorocoris hebetatus
Species werneri - Chlorocoris werneri
Genus Loxa
Species viridis - Loxa viridis
Species flavicollis - Loxa flavicollis
Tribe Halyini
Genus Brochymena - Rough Stink Bugs
Species affinis - Brochymena affinis
Species arborea - Brochymena arborea
Species barberi - Brochymena barberi
Species cariosa - Brochymena cariosa
Species carolinensis - Brochymena carolinensis
Species chelonoides - Brochymena chelonoides
Species dilata - Brochymena dilata
Species florida - Brochymena florida
Species hoppingi - Brochymena hoppingi
Species lineata - Brochymena lineata
Species myops - Brochymena myops
Species parva - Brochymena parva
Species punctata - Brochymena punctata
Species quadripustulata - Four-humped Stink Bug
Species sulcata - Brochymena sulcata
No Taxon probably unnamed species
No Taxon eggs & nymphs
No Taxon spp. -- images reviewed by D.B. Thomas
Tribe Mecideini
Genus Mecidea - Narrow Stink Bug
Species major - Mecidea major
Species minor - Mecidea minor
Tribe Nezarini
Genus Chinavia - Green Stink Bug
Species hilaris - Green Stink Bug
No Taxon Eggs & Nymphs
Species marginata - Chinavia marginata
Species pensylvanica - Chinavia pensylvanica
Genus Chlorochroa
No Taxon Subgenus Chlorochroa
Species congrua - Chlorochroa congrua
Species granulosa - Chlorochroa granulosa
Species kanei - Chlorochroa kanei
Species ligata - Conchuela Bug
Species lineata - Chlorochroa lineata
Species opuntiae - Chlorochroa opuntiae
Species persimilis - Chlorochroa persimilis
Species rossiana - Chlorochroa rossiana
Species sayi - Say's Stink Bug
Species uhleri - Uhler's Stink Bug
No Taxon rossiana or ligata
No Taxon Subgenus Rhytidolomia
Species belfragii - Chlorochroa belfragii
Species faceta - Chlorochroa faceta
Species osborni - Chlorochroa osborni
Species saucia - Chlorochroa saucia
Species senilis - Chlorochroa senilis
Species viridicata - Chlorochroa viridicata
No Taxon eggs and nymphs
Genus Nezara
Species viridula - Southern Green Stink Bug
No Taxon nymphs
Tribe Pentatomini
Genus Banasa
Species calva - Banasa calva
Species dimidiata - Banasa dimidiata
Species euchlora - Juniper Stink Bug
Species flavosa - Banasa flavosa
Species grisea - Banasa grisea
Species herbacea - Banasa herbacea
Species lenticularis - Banasa lenticularis
Species packardii - Banasa packardii
Species rolstoni - Banasa rolstoni
Species sordida - Banasa sordida
Species subcarnea - Banasa subcarnea
Species tumidifrons - Banasa tumidifrons
No Taxon packardi or calva
No Taxon calva or dimidiata
Genus Cyptocephala
Species antiguensis - Cyptocephala antiguensis
Species elegans - Cyptocephala elegans
Genus Padaeus
Species trivittatus - Padaeus trivittatus
Genus Pellaea
Species stictica - Pellaea stictica
Genus Pharypia
Species nitidiventris - Pharypia nitidiventris
Genus Ramosiana
Species insignis - Ramosiana insignis
Genus Tepa
Species brevis - Tepa brevis
Species jugosa - Tepa jugosa
Species rugulosa - Tepa rugulosa
Species vanduzeei - Tepa vanduzeei
Species yerma - Tepa yerma
Genus Thyanta
No Taxon subgenus Thyanta
Species calceata - Thyanta calceata
Species custator - Red-shouldered Stink Bug
Subspecies accerra - Thyanta custator accerra
Subspecies spinosa - Thyanta custator spinosa
Species pallidovirens - Thyanta pallidovirens
Species perditor - Thyanta perditor
No Taxon subgenus Argosoma
Species maculata - Thyanta maculata
Species pseudocasta - Thyanta pseudocasta
No Taxon Thyanta-like nymphs
Tribe Piezodorini
Genus Piezodorus
Species guildinii - Red-banded Stink Bug
Species lituratus - Piezodorus lituratus
Tribe Procleticini
Genus Brepholoxa
Species heidemanni - Brepholoxa heidemanni
Genus Dendrocoris
Species arizonensis - Dendrocoris arizonensis
Species contaminatus - Dendrocoris contaminatus
Species fruticicola - Dendrocoris fruticicola
Species humeralis - Dendrocoris humeralis
Species nelsoni - Dendrocoris nelsoni
Species neomexicanus - Dendrocoris neomexicanus
Species parapini - Dendrocoris parapini
Species pini - Dendrocoris pini
Species reticulatus - Dendrocoris reticulatus
Genus Odmalea
Species schaefferi - Odmalea schaefferi
Tribe Sciocorini
Genus Sciocoris
Species longifrons - Sciocoris longifrons
Species microphthalmus - Sciocoris microphthalmus
Tribe Strachiini
Genus Bagrada
Species hilaris - Bagrada Bug
Genus Murgantia
Species histrionica - Harlequin Bug
Species violascens - Murgantia violascens
Subfamily Podopinae - Turtle Bugs
Genus Amaurochrous
Species brevitylus - Amaurochrous brevitylus
Species cinctipes - Amaurochrous cinctipes
Species dubius - Amaurochrous dubius
Species magnus - Amaurochrous magnus
Species vanduzeei - Amaurochrous vanduzeei
Genus Oncozygia
Species clavicornis - Oncozygia clavicornis
No Taxon Not yet identified nymphs
No Taxon Unidentified pentatomid eggs and hatchlings
Family Scutelleridae - Shield-backed Bugs
Subfamily Eurygastrinae
Genus Eurygaster
Species alternata - Eurygaster alternata
Species amerinda - Eurygaster amerinda
Species shoshone - Eurygaster shoshone
Subfamily Pachycorinae
Genus Acantholomidea
Species denticulata - Acantholomidea denticulata
Species porosa - Acantholomidea porosa
Genus Camirus
Species consocius - Camirus consocius
Genus Diolcus
Species chrysorrhoeus - Diolcus chrysorrhoeus
Species irroratus - Diolcus irroratus
Genus Homaemus
Species aeneifrons - Homaemus aeneifrons
Species bijugis - Homaemus bijugis
Species parvulus - Homaemus parvulus
Species proteus - Homaemus proteus
Genus Orsilochides
Species guttata - Orsilochides guttata
Species stictica - Orsilochides stictica
Species variabilis - Orsilochides variabilis
No Taxon nymphs identified by by J.E. Eger as "Possibly Orsilochides sp."
Genus Pachycoris
Species klugii - Pachycoris klugii
Genus Sphyrocoris
Species obliquus - Sphyrocoris obliquus
Genus Stethaulax
Species marmorata - Stethaulax marmorata
Genus Symphylus
Species caribbeanus - Symphylus caribbeanus
Species deplanatus - Symphylus deplanatus
Genus Tetyra
Species antillarum - Tetyra antillarum
Species bipunctata - Shieldbacked Pine Seed Bug
Species robusta - Tetyra robusta
Subfamily Odontotarsinae
Genus Euptychodera
Species corrugata - Euptychodera corrugata
Genus Fokkeria
Species producta - Fokkeria producta
Genus Phimodera
Species binotata - Phimodera binotata
Genus Vanduzeeina
Species borealis - Vanduzeeina borealis
Species slevini - Vanduzeeina slevini
Subfamily Scutellerinae
Genus Augocoris
Species illustris - Augocoris illustris
No Taxon possible Eurygaster
Family Thyreocoridae - Ebony Bugs
Genus Corimelaena
Species agrella - Corimelaena agrella
Species incognita - Corimelaena incognita
Species lateralis - Corimelaena lateralis
Species obscura - Corimelaena obscura
Species pulicaria - Corimelaena pulicaria
Genus Cydnoides
Species albipennis - Cydnoides albipennis
Species renormatus - Cydnoides renormatus
Genus Galgupha
Species aterrima - Galgupha aterrima
Species atra - Galgupha atra
Species nitiduloides - Galgupha nitiduloides
Subspecies coerulescens - Galgupha nitiduloides coerulescens
Family Plataspidae
Genus Megacopta
Species cribraria - Kudzu Bug
No Taxon unidentified pentatomoid nymphs and eggs
Superfamily Pyrrhocoroidea
Family Largidae - Bordered Plant Bugs
Genus Arhaphe
Species carolina - Arhaphe carolina
Species cicindeloides - Arhaphe cicindeloides
Genus Largus
Species bipustulatus - Largus bipustulatus
Species californicus - Largus californicus
Species cinctus - Largus cinctus
Species davisi - Largus davisi
Species pallidus - Largus pallidus
Species succinctus - Largus Bug
No Taxon nymphs
Genus Stenomacra
Species marginella - Stenomacra marginella
Family Pyrrhocoridae - Red Bugs
Genus Dysdercus - Cotton Stainers
Species andreae - St. Andrew's Cotton Stainer
Species bimaculatus - Dysdercus bimaculatus
Species concinnus - Pale Red Bug
Species mimulus - Dysdercus mimulus
Species obliquus - Dysdercus obliquus
Species suturellus - Cotton Stainer
No Taxon mimulus or mimus
Genus Pyrrhocoris
Species apterus - Firebug
Genus Scantius
Species aegyptius - Mediterranean Red Bug
No Taxon unidentified nymphs