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Woolly oak gall? - Andricus pattoni

Woolly oak gall? - Andricus pattoni
Stonebluff, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, USA
November 15, 2013
These are all over the middle veins of these oak trees. I'm not sure how to identify species of oak as my guide is still in the mail! I dissected the gall and found small individual seeds with white wormlike larvae inside. Each seed has wool attached to it. Seeds are approximately 1/8" long and 1/16" wide. Gall was 3/4" x 1". Any info needed I can get. There are hundreds!

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Woolly oak gall? - Andricus pattoni Woolly oak gall? - Andricus pattoni

A bunch of these emerged just as I was sending off some cynipoids for ID, so I was able to include some in that shipment. Now, we just need to wait a year or so for expert confirmation!

Or so...
Matt Buffington has examined the specimens (which are now deposited in the Smithsonian), and confirmed that they are Andricus pattoni.

He also identified this inquiline as a Ceroptres sp.:

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Yes, Post Oak
Quercus stellata... as displayed on your specimen, its acorn caps have "gray pubescent scales, enclosing 1/4 - 2/3 of the nut, light brown nut may have dark brown faint strips" (Field Guide to Native Oak Species of Eastern North America).

Is there an address I can mail one of these for a possible species match?

Please email me for details (ceiseman AT gmail DOT com).

Will do here in just a bit Thanks!!

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Post oak is my guess based on the leaf; I'm not familiar with the bark or acorns of that species. At least two species of Andricus make galls that might look like this; to be certain of the species I think you'd have to preserve the wasps that emerge and send them to a specialist.

Plastic container
Just put leaf in a sour cream container or something? Emerge in a few months in room temperature?

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Oak species is critical for gall ID
Feel free to add photos showing the whole leaf and other identifying features. Shots of the individual seedlike cells would be useful too. There are several species of wasps that cause similar woolly galls on the midribs of oak leaves.

Will do!
Gotcha! I will get the photos this weekend. Thanks!

Whole leaf?
Can you provide a photo of the whole leaf, or at least a much of it is left?