Identification, Images, & Information
For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada
Forensic Entomology Atlas and Pictorial Key
By Ralph E. Williams, Patrick Jones, & Kristi Bugajski
CRC Pr I LLC; 1 edition, 2014
ISBN: 978-1439845929
Cite: 866890 with citation markup [cite:866890]
Focusing primarily in death investigation and also addressing other legal matters and litigation in which arthropods may be involved, this book provides a complete photographic atlas of insects and related arthropods that may be encountered in forensic investigations. The text provides color photos of each pertinent arthropod within each taxonomic order along with a concise presentation of biological information on each of the species. In addition, the authors provide pertinent pictorial taxonomic keys fordipteraandcoleoptera, two insect orders that have species of significant importance in forensic investigations. Tables list important species within each taxonomic order.

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First, there is a space at the beginning of the ISBN. Second, the interface used by BugGuide may not support 13 digit ISBNs. If you edit to use the 10 digit code without a leading space it may work.