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Mymarid ex Bidens alba leaf - Anagrus - male

Mymarid ex Bidens alba leaf - Anagrus - Male
Myakka River State Park, Sarasota County, Florida, USA
April 21, 2013
Size: 0.5 mm
Two of these emerged from Bidens alba leaves that I had collected because they contained agromyzid leafminers, but the leaves were too far deteriorated to determine the source of the wasps. I'm not sure if all mymarids are egg parasitoids or if it's possible that these came from the agromyzid larvae.

Moved from Fairyflies.
ID by John Huber. The fact that these are leafhopper parasitoids explains why I missed the eggs, since they would have been inserted in the plant tissue.

Possibly Alaptus
Per Dr. Michael Schauff, the wing of this male is similar to those of the genus Alaptus, but he can't be sure it is that genus.