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Ocyptamus dimidiatus - male

Ocyptamus dimidiatus - Male
Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, Hidalgo County, Texas, USA
October 22, 2006
Size: 8 mm
I saw several of these syrphids (I think) taking nectar in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, but this was one of the few that held still, on a cloudy, cool day. Size estimated. Thanks for help with identification--see comments. Note the prominent yellowish halteres.

This photograph was taken during a field trip as part of the 2006 Texas Butterfly Festival in Mission, Texas. This was the odonate trip led by Josh Rose and Bob Behrstock.
Image updated 1 January 2021.
Update 8/1/21...
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edanko suggested an ID
Ocyptamus dimidiatus
Ultramarine Hover Fly - Ocyptamus dimidiatus
Comment: tentatively

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Ocyptamus dimidiatus - male Ocyptamus dimidiatus - male

Moved from cylindricus species group. See caption above for reference to an ID on iNaturalist.



Ocyptamus dimidiatus
I looked at determined specimens of Ocyptamus cylindricus and Ocyptamus dimidiatus. This is not Ocyptamus cylindricus which is very similar to Ocyptamus fuscipennis but has a completely metallic abodomen. O. cylindricus is only currently known from Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Isl. This is actually Ocyptamus dimidiatus.

Moved from Ocyptamus.

Ocyptamus cylindricus
This is Ocyptamus cylindricus. Note the dark wings and dark scutellem and a short metallic abdomen with a lack of yellow markings.

You are right with the fly be
You are right with the fly being a male, but the genus is Ocyptamus. I'm not sure about the species, cause there are some southern species I do not know (and it looks like one of them).