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Hemicrepidius hemipodus

Hemicrepidius hemipodus
St-raymond, Quebec, Canada
July 21, 2013
Size: 10 mm

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Hemicrepidius hemipodus Hemicrepidius hemipodus


thank you
Thank you!
I knew I had seen this species and I ranked quickly but without confirmation. I have a little trouble making my eyes with this group.

I have two specimens of H. hemipodius collection and I think it does not look like himself.

One is 10 mm and the other 15 mm. Moreover, the shape of the pronotum seems different. One is convex and the other relatively straight.Is this a diphormisme(male vs. female)?

yeah thinking sexual dimorphism
females of many clickers will often have wider pronota with less dense punctures; the degree of difference seen varies within a species so one cannot say that all females of a given species will look this radically different.
Also females do tend to be both longer and broader/huskier than males.

Hemicrepidius hemipodus is highly variable with regards to color as well; from all black to black with all-orange elytra (as seen here). Legs can be pale or dark.

Thank you again!
Thank you again!