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Green patterned caterpillar - Diastema tigris

Green patterned caterpillar - Diastema tigris
Resaca de la Palma, Brownsville TX, Cameron County, Texas, USA
October 28, 2013
I am submitting this photo as another view of the caterpillar I had already submitted below. Actually, the second photo is the newer submission.

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Green patterned caterpillar - Diastema tigris Green patterned caterpillar - Diastema tigris

Moved from ID Request.
I just checked Wagner's book, and I agree with the ID. Nice addition to the guide!

This is a real community of w
This is a real community of wonderful experts! We love being members of BugGuide. Thank you!
Ron and Nancy Goor

Do you know what plant it's on? It looks like a lantana groundling (Diastema tigris).

Lantana groundling
Fantastic! Perfect match. Thank you so much. I ordered the Wagner Owlet caterpillar book and should receive it Friday.

I'm debating ordering a backup copy because mine is starting to show it's advanced age (2 yrs).

He also has a smaller Caterpillars of Eastern NAmer that includes some things outside of the owlets. Just in case your holiday wish list wasn't quite complete yet ;)

Thank you for your suggestion
Thank you for your suggestion.
I have the Wagner book you mention. It is a great resource.

I am quite ignorant about pla
I am quite ignorant about plants, but I think it is Lantana. Could you please email me a photo of Diastema Tigris that looks like my caterpillar? Thank you!

Suprisingly difficult
If you go to Amazon and search for Wagner's Owlet Caterpillars of Eastern NAmer book and then click on the book's picture it'll take you to "Look Inside". Once there, type in lantana groundling in the search box and the entry should come up.

Adding images
In the future, you can just click the "add image" link to add another shot of the same bug, rather than starting by resubmitting the same picture. You would have to log in with the same username to do that though.