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missing taxa

Ephemeroptera 3025028 Mayfly Near the lake
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Hexapoda (Hexapods)
Class Insecta (Insects)
Order Ephemeroptera (Mayflies)
No Taxon missing taxa
Explanation of Names
Acanthametropodidae 3 spp. in 2 genera total(1)
Behningiidae 6 spp. in 3 genera total(1)
Euthyplociidae 20 spp. in 7 genera total(1)
Acanthametropus Tshernova 1948 a single species in our area(2), 2 spp. total(1) holarctic genus(1); in our area, e. US(2)
Allenhyphes Hofmann & Sartori 1999 a single species in our area(2), 4 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Amercaenis Provonsha & McCafferty 1985 2 spp. total, both in our area(2)(1) e. & w. US(2)
Americabaetis Kluge 1992 3 spp. in our area(2), >20 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Analetris Edmunds 1972 monotypic genus(1) nw. NA(2)
Anepeorus McDunnough 1925 monotypic genus(1) nw. NA(2)
Apobaetis Day 1955 3 spp. in our area(2), 9 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into US to w. Canada(1)(2)
Asioplax Wiersema & McCafferty 2000 4 spp. in our area(2) in our area, so. US(2)
Baetodes Needham & Murphy 1924 16 spp. in our area(2), 48 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Baetopus Keffermüller 1960 a single species in our area(2), 4 spp. total(1) PA 1NA
Barbaetis Waltz & McCafferty 1985 monotypic genus(1) se. US(2)
Brachycercus Curtis 1834 4 spp. total, all in our area(2)(1) primary Nearctic (B. harrisella is holarctic)(1)
Campsurus Eaton 1868 a single species in our area(2), 43 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Caurinella Allen 1984 monotypic genus(1) nw. US(2)
Cercobrachys Soldán 1986 7 spp. in our area(2), 9 spp. total(1) mostly Nearctic, also represented is Eurasia(1)
Cloeodes Traver 1938 4 spp. in our area(2), >40 spp. total(1) primarily neotropical, ranging into sw. US and represented in Old World tropics(1)(2)
Dannella Edmunds 1959 3 spp. total, all in our area(2)(1) nearctic genus(1), e. US & across Canada(2)
Dentatella Allen 1980 monotypic genus(1) ne. NA(2)
Dolania Edmunds & Traver 1959 monotypic genus(1) e. US(2)
Edmundsius Day 1953 monotypic genus(1) w. US(2)
Euthyplocia Eaton 1871 a single species in our area(2), 2 spp. total(1) in our area, sw. US(2)
Farrodes Peters 1971 2 spp. in our area(2), 23 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Homoleptohyphes Allen & Murvosh 1987 3 spp. in our area(2) in our area, sw. US(2)
Kirmaushenkreena McCafferty 2011 monotypic genus(1) far north of NA(2)
Lachlania Hagen 1868 2 spp. in our area(2), 14 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Latineosus Sun & McCafferty 2008 a single species in our area(2), 4 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Matriella Jacobus & McCafferty 2008 monotypic genus(1) w. NA(2)
Metretopus Eaton 1901 2 spp. in our area(2), 3 spp. total(1) boreal holarctic genus(1)(2)
Moribaetis Waltz & McCafferty 1985 a single species in our area(2), 7 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Neochoroterpes Allen 1974 3 spp. in our area(2), 4 spp. total(1) MO-CO to Mexico(2)(3)
Neoephemera McDunnough 1925 5 spp. in our area(2), 6 spp. total(1) holarctic genus(1); in our area, e. US(2)
Paracloeodes Day 1955 3 spp. in our area(2), ~20 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into US to e. Canada(1)(2)
Parameletus Bengtsson 1908 4 spp. in our area(2), 7 spp. total(1) holarctic genus, northern transcontinental in NA(1)(2)
Pseudocentroptiloides Jacob 1986 2 spp. in our area(2), 5 spp. total(1) holarctic & Oriental(1); in our area, 1 sp. in e. NA, another in sw. US(2)
Raptoheptagenia Whiting & Lehmkuhl 1987 monotypic genus(1) NA, widespread(2)
Siphlonisca Needham 1909 monotypic genus(1) ne. NA(2)
Sparbarus Sun & McCafferty 2008 6-7 spp. in our area(2), 13 spp. total(1) holarctic & Oriental(1)
Susperatus Sun & McCafferty 2008 3 spp. total, all in our area(2)(1) nearctic genus(1)
Traverella Edmunds 1948 4 spp. in our area(2), 12 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US to w. Canada(1)(2)
Vacupernius Wiersema & McCafferty 2000 a single species in our area(2), 2 spp. total(1) neotropical group ranging into sw. US(1)(2)
Waynokiops Hill Pfeiffer & Jacobus 2010 monotypic genus(1) e. US(2)
as of 16.xii.2014; links to maps: ephemerop_spp_map_links.txt

insignificans Acentrella insignificans
nadineae Acentrella nadineae
turbida Acentrella turbida
macdunnoughi Acerpenna macdunnoughi
pygmaea Acerpenna pygmaea
browni Ameletus browni
cryptostimulus Ameletus cryptostimulus
lineatus Ameletus lineatus
ludens Ameletus ludens
tertius Ameletus tertius
validus Ameletus validus
vernalis Ameletus vernalis
ammophilus Ametropus ammophilus
bifurcatum Anafroptilum bifurcatum
conturbatum Anafroptilum conturbatum
minor Anafroptilum minor
distinctus Anthopotamus distinctus
myops Anthopotamus myops
neglectus Anthopotamus neglectus
verticis Anthopotamus verticis
bipunctata Arthroplea bipunctata
margarita Attenella margarita
alius Baetis alius
bicaudatus Baetis bicaudatus
flavistriga Baetis flavistriga
intercalaris Baetis intercalaris
pluto Baetis pluto
tricaudatus Baetis tricaudatus
lacustris Baetisca lacustris
laurentina Baetisca laurentina
tardata Caenis tardata
californicus Callibaetis californicus
ferrugineus Callibaetis ferrugineus
Subspecies ferrugineus Callibaetis ferrugineus ferrugineus
Subspecies hageni Callibaetis ferrugineus hageni
floridanus Callibaetis floridanus
fluctuans Callibaetis fluctuans
pictus Callibaetis pictus
pretiosus Callibaetis pretiosus
skokianus Callibaetis skokianus
warreni Camelobaetidius warreni
subaequalis Cinygmula subaequalis
dipterum Cloeon dipterum
hageni Diphetor hageni
coloradensis Drunella coloradensis
cornuta Drunella cornuta
cornutella Drunella cornutella
doddsii Drunella doddsii
flavilinea Drunella flavilinea
grandis Drunella grandis
lata Drunella lata
pelosa Drunella pelosa
spinifera Drunella spinifera
tuberculata Drunella tuberculata
walkeri Drunella walkeri
cupida Early Brown Spinner
albertae Epeorus albertae
deceptivus Epeorus deceptivus
fragilis Epeorus fragilis
longimanus Epeorus longimanus
namatus Epeorus namatus
pleuralis Epeorus pleuralis
vitreus Epeorus vitreus
simulans Ephemera simulans
aurivillii Ephemerella aurivillii
dorothea Ephemerella dorothea
Subspecies dorothea Ephemerella dorothea dorothea
Subspecies infrequens Ephemerella dorothea infrequens
excrucians Ephemerella excrucians
invaria Ephemerella invaria
maculata Ephemerella maculata
subvaria Ephemerella subvaria
tibialis Ephemerella tibialis
album Ephoron album
aestiva Eurylophella aestiva
prudentalis Eurylophella prudentalis
verisimilis Eurylophella verisimilis
quilleri Fallceon quilleri
guttulata Green Drake
vibrans Habrophlebia vibrans
americana Habrophleboides americana
elegantula Heptagenia elegantula
flavescens Heptagenia flavescens
marginalis Heptagenia marginalis
solitaria Heptagenia solitaria
amplum Heterocloeon amplum
curiosum Heterocloeon curiosum
petersi Heterocloeon petersi
atrocaudata Hexagenia atrocaudata
bilineata Hexagenia bilineata
limbata Hexagenia limbata
rigida Hexagenia rigida
arida Isonychia arida
bicolor Isonychia bicolor
obscura Isonychia obscura
rufa Isonychia rufa
sicca Isonychia sicca
tusculanensis Isonychia tusculanensis
velma Isonychia velma
anoka Iswaeon anoka
propinquus Labiobaetis propinquus
intermedia Leptophlebia intermedia
nebulosa Leptophlebia nebulosa
pacifica Leptophlebia pacifica
hebe Leucrocuta hebe
jewetti Leucrocuta jewetti
maculipennis Leucrocuta maculipennis
recurvata Litobrancha recurvata
criddlei Little Slate-Winged Dun
ithaca Maccaffertium ithaca
meririvulanum Maccaffertium meririvulanum
modestum Maccaffertium modestum
pudicum Maccaffertium pudicum
terminatum Maccaffertium terminatum
vicarium Maccaffertium vicarium
inconspicua Nixe inconspicua
bicornuta Paraleptophlebia bicornuta
debilis Paraleptophlebia debilis
helena Paraleptophlebia helena
memorialis Paraleptophlebia memorialis
mollis Paraleptophlebia mollis
praepedita Paraleptophlebia praepedita
vaciva Paraleptophlebia vaciva
vittigera Pentagenia vittigera
dubius Plauditus dubius
nelsoni Procloeon nelsoni
rubropictum Procloeon rubropictum
viridoculare Procloeon viridoculare
centralis Pseudiron centralis
brunneotincta Rhithrogena brunneotincta
flavianula Rhithrogena flavianula
impersonata Rhithrogena impersonata
levis Serratella levis
micheneri Serratella micheneri
serrata Serratella serrata
serratoides Serratella serratoides
alternatus Siphlonurus alternatus
marshalli Siphlonurus marshalli
mirus Siphlonurus mirus
occidentalis Siphlonurus occidentalis
quebecensis Siphlonurus quebecensis
rapidus Siphlonurus rapidus
securifer Siphlonurus securifer
spectabilis Siphlonurus spectabilis
typicus Siphlonurus typicus
basale Siphloplecton basale
carolina Stenacron carolina
interpunctatum Stenacron interpunctatum
femoratum Stenonema femoratum
deficiens Teloganopsis deficiens
hecuba Timpanoga hecuba
leukon White Miller
varia Yellow Drake
Acanthametropus pecatonica (Burks 1953) e. US(2)
Acentrella alachua (Berner 1940) se. US(2)
Acentrella barbarae Jacobus & McCafferty 2006 e. US(2)
Acentrella lapponica Bengtsson 1912 w. NA(2)
Acentrella parvula (McDunnough 1932) NA except sw. US(2)
Acentrella rallatoma Burian & Myers 2011 ne. US(2)
Acerpenna akataleptos (McDunnough 1926) CAN:NW
Allenhyphes vescus (Allen 1978) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Ameletus amador Mayo 1939 w. NA(2)
Ameletus andersoni Zloty 1996 nw. US(2)
Ameletus bellulus Zloty 1996 w. NA(2)
Ameletus cooki McDunnough 1929 w. NA(2)
Ameletus dissitus Eaton 1885 nw. US(2)
Ameletus doddsianus Zloty 1996 w. US(2)
Ameletus edmundsi Zloty 1996 w. US(2)
Ameletus exquisitus Eaton 1885 nw. US(2)
Ameletus falsus McDunnough 1938 w. US(2)
Ameletus imbellis Day 1952 w. US(2)
Ameletus inopinatus Eaton 1887 Canada & AK(2)
Ameletus janetae Kondratieff & Meyer 2010 se. US(2)
Ameletus majusculus Zloty 1996 w. NA(2)
Ameletus minimus Zloty & Harper 1999 nw. US(2)
Ameletus oregonensis McDunnough 1933 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Ameletus pritchardi Zloty 1996 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Ameletus quadratus Zloty & Harper 1999 nw. US(2)
Ameletus shepherdi Traver 1934 w. NA(2)
Ameletus similior McDunnough 1928 w. NA(2)
Ameletus sparsatus McDunnough 1931 w. NA(2)
Ameletus subnotatus Eaton 1885 Canada & w. US(2)
Ameletus suffusus McDunnough 1936 w. NA(2)
Ameletus tarteri Burrows 1987 e. US(2)
Ameletus tolae Zloty 1996 nw. US(2)
Ameletus vancouverensis McDunnough 1933 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Ameletus velox Dodds 1923 w. NA(2)
Ameletus walleyi Harper 1970 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Amercaenis cusabo Provonsha & McCafferty 2006 se. US(2)
Amercaenis ridens (McDunnough 1931) n. & w. US(2)
Americabaetis pleturus (Lugo-Ortiz & McCafferty 1994) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Ametropus fragilis Albarda 1878 most of NA except se. US(2)
Anafroptilum ozarkense (Wiersema & Burian 2000) se. US(2)
Anafroptilum semirufum (McDunnough 1926) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Anafroptilum victoriae (McDunnough 1938)( CAN:NE NW; USA:NE
Analetris eximia Edmunds 1972 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Anepeorus rusticus McDunnough 1925 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Apobaetis etowah (Traver 1935) CAN:NW;MEX:SW;USA:NE NW SE SW
Apobaetis futilis (McDunnough 1931) CAN:NW;USA:SE SW
Apobaetis lakota McCafferty 2000 ne. US(2)
Asioplax dolani (Allen 1967) se. US(2)
Asioplax edmundsi (Allen 1967) w. NA(2)
Asioplax numinuh Wiersema, McCafferty & Baumgardner 2001 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Asioplax texana (Traver 1935) so. US & Mexico(2)
Baetis adonis Traver 1935 w. US & Mexico(2)
Baetis bundyae Lehmkuhl 1973 across Canada & n. US(2)
Baetis diablus Day 1954 nw. US(2)
Baetis foemina McDunnough 1936 Canada & AK(2)
Baetis hudsonicus Ide 1937 across Canada(2)
Baetis magnus McCafferty & Waltz 1986 w. US & Mexico(2)
Baetis palisadi Mayo 1952 w. US(2)
Baetis persecutor McDunnough 1939 CAN:NW
Baetis phoebus McDunnough 1923 e. NA(2)
Baetis piscatoris Traver 1935 w. US(2)
Baetis posticatus (Say 1823) ne. US(2)
Baetis rusticans McDunnough 1925 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Baetodes alleni McCafferty & Provonsha 1993 sw. US(2)
Baetodes arizonensis Koss 1972 sw. US(2)
Baetodes bibranchius McCafferty & Provonsha 1993 w. US & Mexico(2)
Baetodes deficiens Cohen & Allen 1972 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Baetodes edmundsi Koss 1972 w. US & Mexico(2)
Baetodes inermis Cohen & Allen 1972 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Baetopus trishae Waltz 2002 se. US(2)
Barbaetis benfieldi Kennedy 1985 se. US(2)
Brachycercus berneri Soldan 1986 se. US(2)
Brachycercus harrisella Curtis 1834 Canada & n. US(2)
Brachycercus ojibwe Sun & McCafferty 2008 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Caenis amica Hagen 1861 most of NA(2)
Caenis anceps Traver 1935 e. NA(2)
Caenis arwini McCafferty & Davis 2001 sw. US(2)
Caenis bajaensis Allen & Murvosh 1983 w. US & Mexico(2)
Caenis candida Harper & Harper 1981 e. Canada(2)
Caenis diminuta diminuta Walker 1853 e. NA(2)
Caenis eglinensis Pescador & Richard 2006 se. US(2)
Caenis macafferti Provonsha 1990 e. US(2)
Caenis punctata McDunnough 1931 e. Canada, across US to Mexico(2)
Caenis youngi Roemhild 1984 most of NA except se. US(2)
Callibaetis punctilusus McCafferty & Provonsha 1993 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Camelobaetidius kickapoo McCafferty 2000 w. US & Mexico(2)
Camelobaetidius maidu Jacobus & McCafferty 2005 w. US & Mexico(2)
Camelobaetidius mexicanus (Traver & Edmunds 1968) w. US & Mexico(2)
Camelobaetidius musseri (Traver & Edmunds 1968) so. US & Mexico(2)
Camelobaetidius variabilis Wiersema 1998 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Camelobaetidius waltzi McCafferty 1994 USA:NE SW
Campsurus decoloratus (Hagen 1861) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Caudatella columbiella (McDunnough 1935) w. NA(2)
Caudatella edmundsi (Allen 1959) w. US(2)
Caudatella hystrix (Traver 1934) w. NA(2)
Caudatella jacobi (McDunnough 1939) CAN:NW;USA:FN NW
Caurinella idahoensis Allen 1984 nw. US(2)
Cercobrachys cree Sun, Webb & McCafferty 2002 CAN:NW;USA:NE NW
Cercobrachys etowah Soldan 1986 e. US(2)
Cercobrachys fox Sun & McCafferty 2008 ne. US(2)
Cercobrachys lilliei Sun & McCafferty 2008 ne. US(2)
Cercobrachys pomeiok Sun & McCafferty 2008 se. US(2)
Cercobrachys serpentis Soldan 1986 nw. US(2)
Cercobrachys winnebago Sun & McCafferty 2008 USA:NE SW
Cinygma integrum Eaton 1885 w. NA(2)
Cinygmula gartrelli McDunnough 1934 PNW(2)
Cinygmula kootenai McDunnough 1943 PNW(2)
Cinygmula mimus (Eaton 1885) w. NA(2)
Cinygmula par (Eaton 1885) w. NA(2)
Cinygmula ramaleyi (Dodds 1923) w. NA(2)
Cinygmula reticulata McDunnough 1934 w. NA(2)
Cinygmula tarda (McDunnough 1929) w. NA(2)
Cinygmula tioga Mayo 1952 nw. US(2)
Cinygmula uniformis McDunnough 1934 w. NA(2)
Cloeodes excogitatus Waltz & McCafferty 1987 w. US & Mexico(2)
Cloeodes macrolamellus Waltz & McCafferty 1987 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Cloeodes peninsulus Waltz & McCafferty 1987 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Dannella lita (Burks 1949) Canada & e. US(2)
Dannella provonshai (McCafferty 1977) e. US(2)
Dannella simplex (McDunnough 1925) Canada & e. US(2)
Dentatella coxalis (McDunnough 1926) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Dolania americana Edmunds & Traver 1959 e. US(2)
Drunella allegheniensis (Traver 1934) se. US(2)
Drunella spinifera (Needham 1927) w. NA(2)
Drunella tuberculata (Morgan 1911) e. NA(2)
Drunella walkeri (Eaton 1884) e. NA(2)
Ecdyonurus simplicioides (McDunnough 1924) CAN:NE NW;USA:FN NW SW
Edmundsius agilis Day 1953 w. US(2)
Epeorus frisoni (Burks 1946) ne. US(2)
Epeorus grandis (McDunnough 1924) w. NA(2)
Epeorus hesperus (Banks 1924) w. US(2)
Epeorus lagunitas (Traver 1935) nw. US(2)
Epeorus margarita Edmunds & Allen 1964 w. US & Mexico(2)
Epeorus punctatus (McDunnough 1925) e. NA(2)
Epeorus subpallidus (Traver 1937) se. US(2)
Epeorus suffusus (McDunnough 1925) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Ephemera compar Hagen 1875 nw. US(2)
Ephemera traverae Spieth 1938 se. US(2)
Ephemera varia Eaton 1883 e. NA(2)
Ephemerella alleni Jensen & Edmunds 1966 nw. US(2)
Ephemerella apopsis McCafferty 1992 nw. US(2)
Ephemerella catawba Traver 1932 e. US(2)
Ephemerella consimilis Walsh 1862 ne. US(2)
Ephemerella floripara McCafferty 1985 se. US(2)
Ephemerella hispida Allen & Edmunds 1965 se. US(2)
Ephemerella molita McDunnough 1930 e. Canada(2)
Ephemerella mucronata (Bengtsson 1909) w. Canada & nw. US(2)
Ephemerella needhami McDunnough 1925 Canada & e. US(2)
Ephemerella nuda Tshernova 1949 AK(2)
Ephemerella tibialis McDunnough 1924 w. NA(2)
Ephemerella unicornis Needham 1905 ne. US(2)
Ephemerella velmae Allen & Edmunds 1963 w. US(2)
Ephemerella verruca Allen & Edmunds 1965 nw. US(2)
Eurylophella bicoloroides (McDunnough 1938) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Eurylophella doris (Traver 1934) se. US(2)
Eurylophella enoensis Funk 1994 e. NA(2)
Eurylophella lutulenta (Clemens 1913) e. NA(2)
Eurylophella macdunnoughi Funk 1994 e. US(2)
Eurylophella minimella (McDunnough 1931) e. NA(2)
Eurylophella oviruptis Funk 2008 se. US(2)
Eurylophella poconoensis Funk 1994 ne. US(2)
Eurylophella temporalis (McDunnough 1924) Canada & e. US(2)
Fallceon eatoni (Kimmins 1934) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Fallceon sonora (Allen & Murvosh 1987) w. US & Mexico(2)
Fallceon thermophilos (McDunnough 1926) nw. US(2)
Heptagenia adaequata McDunnough 1924 w. NA(2)
Heptagenia dalecarlica Bengtsson 1912 e. Canada(2)
Heptagenia dolosa Traver 1935 se. US(2)
Heptagenia julia Traver 1933 e. US(2)
Heptagenia townesi Traver 1935 se. US(2)
Heptagenia whitingi Webb & McCafferty 2007 CAN:NW;USA:NE NW
Heterocloeon berneri (Muller-Liebenau 1974) se. US(2)
Heterocloeon frivolum (McDunnough 1925) e. Canada & n. & e. US(2)
Heterocloeon grande (Wiersema & Long 2000) se. US(2)
Homoeoneuria alleni Pescador & Peters 1980 MEX:SW;USA:NE NW SW
Homoeoneuria ammophila (Spieth 1938) n. US(2)
Homoeoneuria cahabensis Pescador & Peters 1980 se. US(2)
Homoeoneuria dolani Edmunds, Berner & Traver 1958 se. US(2)
Homoleptohyphes dimorphus (Allen 1967) w. US & Mexico(2)
Homoleptohyphes mirus (Allen 1967) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Homoleptohyphes quercus (Kilgore & Allen 1973) sw. US(2)
Ironodes arctus Traver 1935 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Ironodes californicus (Banks 1910) w. US(2)
Ironodes flavipennis Traver 1935 CAN:NW
Ironodes geminatus (Eaton 1885) nw. US(2)
Ironodes nitidus (Eaton 1885) CAN:NW;MEX:SW;USA:FN NW SW
Isonychia berneri Kondratieff & Voshell 1984 se. US(2)
Isonychia diversa Traver 1934 USA:SE] (recently extinct)
Isonychia hoffmani Kondratieff & Voshell 1984 se. US(2)
Isonychia sayi Burks 1953 e. NA(2)
Isonychia serrata Traver 1932 se. US(2)
Isonychia similis Traver 1932 se. US(2)
Iswaeon davidi (Waltz & McCafferty 2005) se. US(2)
Iswaeon rubrolaterale (McDunnough 1931) CAN:NW;USA:NW SE
Kirmaushenkreena zarankoae McCafferty 2011 CAN:FN
Labiobaetis apache McCafferty & Waltz 1995 w. US(2)
Labiobaetis dardanus (McDunnough 1923) CAN:NE NW;USA:FN NE NW SE SW
Labiobaetis ephippiatus (Traver 1935) CAN:NE;MEX:SW;USA:NE SE SW
Labiobaetis frondalis (McDunnough 1925) e. NA(2)
Labiobaetis longipalpus (Morihara & McCafferty 1979) e. NA(2)
Labiobaetis sonajuventus Webb 2013 nw. US(2)
Lachlania dencyanna Koss 1970 sw. US(2)
Lachlania saskatchewanensis Ide 1941 CAN:NW;MEX:SW;USA:NE NW SW
Latineosus cibola Sun & McCafferty 2008 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Leptohyphes apache Allen 1967 w. US & Mexico(2)
Leptohyphes ferruginus Allen & Brusca 1973 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Leptohyphes lestes Allen & Brusca 1973 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Leptohyphes sabinas Traver 1958 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Leptohyphes zalope Traver 1958 sw. US & Mexico(2)
Leucrocuta umbratica (McDunnough 1931) e. NA(2)
Maccaffertium appaloosa McCafferty 2011 se. US(2)
Maccaffertium bednariki (McCafferty 1981) se. US(2)
Maccaffertium carlsoni (Lewis 1974) se. US(2)
Maccaffertium exiguum (Traver 1933) e. NA(2)
Maccaffertium flaveolum (Pictet 1843) e. Canada(2)
Maccaffertium lenati (McCafferty 1990) se. US(2)
Maccaffertium sinclairi (Lewis 1979) se. US(2)
Maccaffertium smithae (Traver 1937) e. NA(2)
Maccaffertium wudigeum McCafferty & Lenat 2010 se. US(2)
Macdunnoa brunnea Flowers 1982 e. US(2)
Macdunnoa nipawinia Lehmkuhl 1979 CAN:NW
Macdunnoa persimplex (McDunnough 1929) e. Canada & n. & e. US(2)
Matriella teresa (Traver 1934) w. NA(2)
Metretopus alter Bengtsson 1930 AK(2)
Metretopus borealis (Eaton 1871) Canada & ne. US(2)
Moribaetis mimbresaurus McCafferty 2007 sw. US(2)
Neocloeon alamance Traver 1932 e. US(2)
Neocloeon triangulifer (McDunnough 1931) e. NA to sw. US(2)
Neoephemera bicolor McDunnough 1925 e. NA(2)
Neoephemera compressa Berner 1956 se. US(2)
Neoephemera youngi Berner 1953 se. US(2)
Nixe dorothae Webb & McCafferty 2011 ne. US(2)
Nixe flowersi McCafferty 1982 e. US(2)
Nixe horrida (McDunnough 1926) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Nixe joernensis (Bengtsson 1909) e. Canada(2)
Nixe kennedyi (McDunnough 1924) nw. US(2)
Nixe perfida (McDunnough 1926) e. NA(2)
Nixe rusticalis (McDunnough 1931) Canada & e. US(2)
Nixe spinosa (Traver 1933) se. US(2)
Paracloeodes fleeki McCafferty & Lenat 2004 se. US(2)
Parameletus chelifer Bengtsson 1908 Canada & AK(2)
Parameletus columbiae McDunnough 1938 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Parameletus croesus (McDunnough 1923) e. Canada(2)
Parameletus midas (McDunnough 1923) e. Canada(2)
Penelomax septentrionalis (McDunnough 1925) e. NA(2)
Pentagenia robusta McDunnough 1926 e. US(2)
Plauditus bimaculatus (Berner 1946) se. US(2)
Plauditus cestus (Provonsha & McCafferty 1982) NA except sw. US(2)
Plauditus cingulatus (McDunnough 1931) e. NA(2)
Plauditus elliotti (Daggy 1945) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Plauditus texanus Wiersema 1999 sw. US(2)
Plauditus veteris (McDunnough 1924) e. US(2)
Plauditus virilis (McDunnough 1923) most of NA(2)
Procloeon bellum (McDunnough 1924) Canada & ne. US(2)
Procloeon caliginosum (McDunnough 1925) e. Canada(2)
Procloeon fragile (McDunnough 1923) e. NA(2)
Procloeon inanum (McDunnough 1924) Canada(2)
Procloeon ingens (McDunnough 1923) across Canada & n. US(2)
Procloeon insignificans (McDunnough 1925) e. Canada(2)
Procloeon intermediale (McDunnough) 1931 e. NA(2)
Procloeon mendax (Walsh) 1862 Canada & ne. US(2)
Procloeon ozburni (McDunnough 1924) e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Procloeon pennulatum (Eaton 1870) most of NA(2)
Procloeon quaesitum (McDunnough 1931) Canada & e. US(2)
Procloeon rivulare (Traver 1935) e. Canada & across the US(2)
Procloeon simile (McDunnough 1924) e. NA(2)
Procloeon simplex (McDunnough 1925) Canada & e. US(2)
Procloeon texanum McCafferty & Provonsha 1993 USA:NE SW
Procloeon venosum (Traver 1935) w. US(2)
Procloeon vicinum (Hagen 1861) e. NA(2)
Pseudocentroptiloides morihari Wiersema & McCafferty 1998 sw. US(2)
Pseudocentroptiloides usa Waltz & McCafferty 1989 e. NA(2)
Raptoheptagenia cruentata (Walsh 1863) NA except sw. US(2)
Rhithrogena amica Traver 1935 e. NA(2)
Rhithrogena anomala McDunnough 1928 e. NA(2)
Rhithrogena decora Day 1954 w. US(2)
Rhithrogena exilis Traver 1933 se. US(2)
Rhithrogena fasciata Traver 1933 se. US(2)
Rhithrogena fuscifrons Traver 1933 se. US(2)
Rhithrogena futilis McDunnough 1934 w. NA(2)
Rhithrogena gaspeensis McDunnough 1933 e. Canada(2)
Rhithrogena hageni Eaton 1885 w. NA(2)
Rhithrogena ingalik Randolph & McCafferty 2005 AK(2)
Rhithrogena jejuna Eaton 1885 Canada & ne. US(2)
Rhithrogena manifesta Eaton 1885 e. Canada & n. & e. US(2)
Rhithrogena morrisoni (Banks 1924) w. NA & Mexico(2)
Rhithrogena plana Allen & Chao 1978 w. US & Mexico(2)
Rhithrogena robusta Dodds 1923 CAN:NW;USA:FN NW SW
Rhithrogena rubicunda Traver 1937 se. US(2)
Rhithrogena uhari Traver 1933 e. US(2)
Rhithrogena undulata (Banks 1924) most of NA except se. US(2)
Rhithrogena virilis McDunnough 1934 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Serratella frisoni (McDunnough 1927) e. US(2)
Siphlonisca aerodromia Needham 1909 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Siphlonurus autumnalis McDunnough 1931 CAN:NW;USA:NW
Siphlonurus barbaroides McDunnough 1929 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Siphlonurus barbarus McDunnough 1924 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Siphlonurus columbianus McDunnough 1925 w. NA(2)
Siphlonurus decorus Traver 1932 se. US(2)
Siphlonurus demaryi Kondratieff & Voshell 1981 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Siphlonurus luridipennis (Burmeister 1839) USA:SE] (recently extinct)
Siphlonurus marginatus Traver 1932 e. US(2)
Siphlonurus minnoi Provonsha & McCafferty 1982 e. US(2)
Siphlonurus noveboracana (Lichtenstein 1796) ne. US(2)
Siphloplecton brunneum Berner 1978 se. US(2)
Siphloplecton costalense Spieth 1938 e. US(2)
Siphloplecton fuscum Berner 1978 se. US(2)
Siphloplecton interlineatum (Walsh 1863) Canada & e. US(2)
Siphloplecton simile Berner 1978 se. US(2)
Siphloplecton speciosum Traver 1932 se. US(2)
Sparbarus choctaw Sun & McCafferty 2008 se. US(2)
Sparbarus coushatta Sun & McCafferty 2008 so. US(2)
Sparbarus flavus (Traver 1935) se. US(2)
Sparbarus lacustris (Needham 1918) e. NA to sw. US(2)
Sparbarus maculatus (Berner 1946) e. NA to sw. US(2)
Sparbarus miccosukee Sun & McCafferty 2008 se. US(2)
Sparbarus nasutus (Soldan 1986) e. US(2)
Stenacron gildersleevei (Traver 1935) e. NA(2)
Susperatus prudens (McDunnough 1931) CAN:NW;USA:NE NW SE
Susperatus tonkawa Sun & McCafferty 2008 w. US(2)
Susperatus tuberculatus (Soldan 1986) nw. US(2)
Tortopus circumfluus Ulmer 1942 sw. US(2)
Tricoryhyphes condylus (Allen 1967) w. US & Mexico(2)
Tricoryhyphes mulaiki (Traver 1959) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Tricorythodes albilineatus Berner 1946 e. & so. US(2)
Tricorythodes allectus (Needham 1905) e. NA(2)
Tricorythodes cobbi Alba-Tercedor & Flannagan 1995 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Tricorythodes curvatus Allen 1977 so. US(2)
Tricorythodes fictus Traver 1935 MEX:SW FS;USA:NE NW SW
Tricorythodes mosegus Alba-Tercedor & Flannagan 1995 e. Canada & ne. US(2)
Tricorythodes robacki (Allen 1967) e. & so. US(2)
Tricorythodes stygiatus McDunnough 1931 e. NA(2)
Vacupernius packeri (Allen 1967) sw. US & Mexico(2)
Waynokiops dentatogriphus Hill, Pfeiffer & Jacobus 2010 e. US(2)