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Rain Beetle - Pleocoma - male - female

Rain Beetle - Pleocoma - Male Female
Lorane: 18 miles southwest of Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA
Size: about an inch long
This is perfect. A friend sent this photo of a male & female. They were right outside his house one morning (he's a field biologist). He lives about 40 minutes north of where the other pictures are from--west of Eugene about 12 miles. The photo credit should go to Doug Barrett.

Pleocoma dubitabilis Davis 1935
I believe that you have a picture of a Mating pair Pleocoma dubitabilis Davis 1935 . Nice ! I will be looking close at these and other Oregon Pleocoma this Fall . Gene St. Denis

Female on left.
Just wanted to clarify that the female is the red one on the left. She is wingless, and releases a pheromone to attract males to her burrow. Neat animals!

For reference, here's the image it was linked to: