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Checklist of beetles (Coleoptera) of Canada and Alaska. Second edition
By Bousquet Y., Bouchard P., Davies A.E., Sikes D.S.
ZooKeys 360: 1–402, 2013
Cite: 884000 with citation markup [cite:884000]
supersedes(1); IMPORTANT ADDITIONS IN (2)
Introductory part (Full text no longer available online)
See Canadensys page with downloads.

"New" September 2013 checklist
(now almost 5 years old) available as a 402-page PDF doc here

Lists 8,237 beetle species (previous list had 7,436) with lots of new distribution data and classification changes.

The link I posted above in 2018 is now dead.
Good thing I downloaded the 402-page PDF when it was available.

no taxa below family-level is accessible from this link....
link should probably say, 'partial text'...

yeah, it used to be full at the time :/
luckily, i downloaded it --check your mail