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Dolomedes scriptus - female

Dolomedes scriptus - Female
Colson, Letcher County, Kentucky, USA
September 5, 2013
Size: body only a easy 3 +cm.
My granddaughter and I were walking through the creek and just happened to see her and her babies hanging over the creek in a huge web. The largest spider I have seen. She was sitting above her nest before we got close. Then she ran down right to us, and turned after a few seconds and went back to hug her babies.
She was not happy with our visit.

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Dolomedes scriptus - female Dolomedes scriptus - female Dolomedes scriptus - female Dolomedes scriptus - female

Moved from ID Request. What a good mother. =]

Was very aggressive, as any mother should be.
I have a picture of some of the web size. I have to edit the picture size first.

I have also seen one guarding young. Like you said, I have seen them make themselves known to people by strumming the webbing or moving quickly on it when around the young.