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Steatoda grandis - female

Steatoda grandis - Female
Buffalo Creek, Jefferson County, Colorado, USA
January 11, 2014
Size: 8mm
ID: Joot, confirmed by Paula Cushing

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Steatoda grandis - female Steatoda grandis - female Steatoda grandis - female Steatoda grandis - female

Hi Arlo,
Do you happen to have any shots of this while it was alive? I'm curious about a spider someone spotted in Wyoming (which is within S. grandis range). If you got a live shot, sometimes the pattern it had as an immature is discernable, and so I'm wondering if there's any possibility this other one could be an immature S. grandis?

Like S. grossa, and some other Steatoda spp., that one in the thumbnail could look lighter in coloration simply because it's an immature, which does seem like the case to me, at least with what I've seen with immature Steatoda in my experience.

Hi Mandy,
no, no live shots of this specimen. But they are common and abundant at this location, and I'm there once a week. Would it be helpful for me to collect a series of them and get live shots?

S. grandis
Okay, sure! If you're already in the area, I'd love to see more for painting a bigger picture. Especially what the immatures and/or adult males look like. :D

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Very nice!
Thank you!