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Lepinotus inquilinus - Lepinotus

Lepinotus inquilinus - Lepinotus
January 16, 2012
Size: about 1.6 mm
NEW ZEALAND, indoors; tentative ID


Dr Mockford says, "I suspect that this is Lepinotus tasmaniensis
"...Hickman, described originally from Tasmania but subsequently recorded from New Zealand. Smithers synonymized it with L. reticulatus, but it was later removed from synonymy. It is very dark, as described for this species."

so i will probably delete this image and forward the ID to the collector

According to Mockford's book (1) this species "has appeared as an introduction on dried food material and dried plants at southwestern ports of entry. It is not known to be established in [North America].It is common throughout Europe, several African localities. It occurs in human dwellings and warehouses." This species differs from L. reticulatus in that the winglets lack the reticulated pattern.

i was trying to find online any free pics of psocids to fill the gaps in the guide, but without much success yet --just this one :/
i'll resume the search later, hope i fish out some [sub]cosmopolitan tramps