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Genus Caecidotea

American Isopod and Myriapod Group

Contains a resource for identifying isopods in North America. Currently imcomplete but is actively being worked on

WoRMS Editorial Board (2024) World register of marine species

Boyko et al. (Eds) (2008-) World marine, freshwater and terrestrial isopod crustaceans database
Source suggested as BG standard reference in(1)

Key to the Isopoda of Ohio revised by G.S. Rife

Key to the Zooplankton of the Northeast
helpful key to common zooplankton, such as daphniidae or cylopidae

Ellis W.N. (2001‒2023) Leafminers and plant galls of Europe

Agrias Butterflies
A complete website about Agrias butterflies (Nymphalidae).
All known species and forms illustrated, bibliography, taxonomy, distribution maps.

Delias of the World
Delias of the World is the reference website on Delias butterflies (Pieridae). This site is regularly updated by international Delias specialists. You will find information about all described species of Delias, their distribution, their behavior and their different forms. This site is based on the latest scientific publications on the genus Delias.