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Naples, Florida, USA
February 20, 2014
These eggs were inside a folded leaf of a strangler fig tree.

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Can you please provide a size estimate?

I'm sorry, but I did not actually measure the size of the eggs. As I recall, each was quite small and probably less than 1 mm long,

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Not Collembola eggs
For more info on Collembola eggs, check:

Thank you.
Do you have any idea what kind of eggs they could be? The springtails were inside the same leaves as were these eggs.

No idea, sorry
Many springtails are scavengers. So they might be attracted by the eggshells or exuvies as a foodsource.

Thank you!
I'll continue to examine the fig leaves and try to figure this out. So far inside folded leaves from this strangler fig tree, I've found bark lice, a bristly millipede, springtails, and these eggs. Hopefully, I'll catch something in the act of hatching.

Bark lice?
These at least have the general shape of bark louse eggs, although those typically are covered by some kind of webbing. Hard to say more without knowing the size.