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probable seed bugs - Niesthrea louisianica

probable seed bugs - Niesthrea louisianica
Decatur, Georgia, USA
November 7, 2004
I found these bugs on a Clematis armandii leaf in early November. Another group was busily feeding on nearby clematis seed pods. Couldn't find any like it on the website.

Moved from Niesthrea. Colouration exactly the same as in proved nymphs of this species.

Moved from True Bugs.

To me, it looks convincing enough to move to genus page.

Moved from True Bugs.

Quite colorful
I don't recognize them but they are quite striking. I see some on the underside of the leaf as well. I often find that there will be adults in congregations like this. Check this photo:

Do you have any other photos that might show an adult?

probable bugs
I don't have anything that shows an adult...only these little critters being happy. I'll keep my eyes peeled next fall.

These look a lot like Niesthrea
Wrong host plant, but has to be something close to this:


Actually the plant in the picture
is not Clematis armandii which is a vine with long narrow leaves and those wonderful Medusa like Clematis seedheads. From what we can see of the seedheads, the plant pictured is actually a member of the Mallow family, just as expected!

plant ID
Your plant ID is correct - the plant is a Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) that had grown in among the clematis.