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Dolomedes Eye Arrangement - Dolomedes

Dolomedes Eye Arrangement - Dolomedes
For use in Spider Eye Arrangements Article.

Neat, see photo
Very nice, compare this photo I cropped to match the illustration:

I added thumbnails of both to the Pisauridae family page--a real enhancement, I think.

We need more of these thumbnailed into spider family pages--most are pretty bare bones now.

Your shot
is amazing. I was admiring it yesterday. Thumbnailing them into the family or genus pages is a good idea.

Thanks, a better one
Thanks for your kind words. Here is the uncropped version, which is better, IMHO:

I was just going to leave this on my Flickr site, but I think it does add something here.

Do you know, is this a female?

Good question
I'm reluctant to say for sure, since I don't have a full view of the palps. Another problem is that juvenile males can look like females, and I'm not positive that your specimen is mature.

Must be female
The thing was huge--22 mm body length. Howell and Jenkins give body length of female as 15-26 mm, of male, 7-13 mm (1), so I'm voting female. Plus, it is late in the season, so I think too late for a juvenile anyway?

you're probably right,
but I don't know how much to trust the season. I've seen baby zebra spiders and orb weavers on the side of my house as late as last week.