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Crabronidae? - Dianthidium

Crabronidae? - Dianthidium
Del Valle Reservoir, Livermore, CA, Alameda County, California, USA
August 17, 2008
Size: 1 cm

Bees are beautiful indeed!
Meant to type "megachilid".

Megachilidae was not my first thought
Wow. I have never seen a mega child that looks like this. Thanks for the help.

You are very welcome :)
Bees are sure beautiful aren't they? :)

Female Dianthidium
The lamellate, expanded pronotal lobes and the convex, semicircular mesoscutellum margins are diagnostic for this genus. Great find Eddie!!

Moved from Dianthidium.

Moved from ID Request.

Nomada, perhaps?

Dr. Ascher will be able to say for sure.