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Family Depressariidae

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Black-marked moth - Semioscopis packardella Moth - Agonopterix Kitchen moth - Agonopterix 0874.1 - Agonopterix alstroemeriana Elachistidae: Semioscopis inornata - Semioscopis inornata Elachistidae: Agonopterix pulvipennella - Agonopterix pulvipennella Four-dotted Agonopterix? - Agonopterix robiniella Moth

1004 Ethmia marmorea - Ethmia marmorea Ethmia hagenella Ethmia hagenella Ethmia monticola? - Ethmia Depressariidae, on Puccoon - Ethmia longimaculella Ethmia semitenebrella Ethmia semilugens - Hodges#0976 (Ethmia semilugens) - Ethmia semilugens Twirler Moth - Ethmia arctostaphylella

Moth ID help - Scythropiodes issikii A dingy moth with five honest spots. - Scythropiodes issikii micro ID help, please - Scythropiodes issikii Moth on bug light switch - Scythropiodes issikii Scythropiodes issikii Scythropiodes? - Scythropiodes issikii Scythropiodes issikii Scythropiodes issikii

Pseuderotis obiterella Durrantia piperatella (Zeller) - Durrantia piperatella Chalky Inga? - Durrantia piperatella Durrantia piperatella Durrantia piperatella 1010 – Durrantia piperatella - Durrantia piperatella White moth with four dots - Pseuderotis obiterella Pseuderotis obiterella? - Pseuderotis obiterella

Vestal Moth - Antaeotricha albulella white moth - Antaeotricha schlaegeri Antaeotricha Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth - Antaeotricha schlaegeri I believe this is a specimen of Antaeotricha schlaegeri? - Antaeotricha schlaegeri Pale Gray Bird-dropping Moth - Antaeotricha schlaegeri #1015 - Antaeotricha osseella? - Antaeotricha Moth ID request - Gonioterma mistrella