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Beetle I Mistook for an Ant - Enoclerus rosmarus

Beetle I Mistook for an Ant - Enoclerus rosmarus
Albemarle County, Virginia, USA
Found in early June. From a distance, I mistook this for a brown ant. As I got close to it it was clear that it was some kind of interesting small beetle. My wild guess is Checkered Beetle, but I have seen pretty few Checkered Beetles over the years so I have almost no experience with that Family.

Checkered beetle
Probably a species of Enoclerus, but not sure. There is a great site with images of clerid species from all over the world, run by Jacques Rifkind, just don't know the URL offhand.

Rifkind's website

Thanks, Jay!
Thanks, Jay, What a great website that is! After conferring with Jacques Rifkind, it seems Enoclerus rosmarus is the likely culprit, but he feels certain ID may not be possible from a photo.


Stephen Cresswell
Buckhannon, WV

clerid site
A few months ago I visited a site that had dozens of clerid thumbnails that linked to great close-ups of identified species like this Enoclerus nigripes but unfortunately I didn't save the home page address, and now, chopping the end off the URL just brings up a password page. Bummer. It's strange that the JPGs are still accessible at this site.