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For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada

Subspecies Calliopsis zebrata bobbae

Insects and other arthropods that feed on aquatic and wetland plants
By Center T.D., Dray F.A., Jubinsky G.P., Grodowitz M.J.
USDA ARS, Technical Bulletin 1870. 200 pp., 2002
Full text

Photos and descriptions of the life stages and feeding damage of about 50 most common native plant-feeding insects and naturalized biological control insects found in aquatic and wetland ecosystems in the US.

Insect and Mite Pests in Food, an Illustrated Key
By J. Richard Gorham, editor
United States Department of Agriculture Handbook 655, 1991
Full text of Volume 1 available here.

Full text of Volume 2 available here.

This publication "provides the user a rapid and accurate means of identifying more than 600 species of pests encountered throughout the food industry."

American Entomologists
By Arnold Mallis
Rutgers University Press, 1971
A classic biographical work for those interested in the history of entomology in the United States and Canada. Long out-of-print, but copies may be obtained on the used market.

Diseases and pests of ornamental plants, 5th Edition
By Pirone P.P.
Wiley, 584 pp., 1978

A color handbook of biological control in plant protection
By N. Helyer, K. Brown, N.D. Cattlin
Timber Press, Protland, OR. 126 pp., 2003

Circumscriptional names of higher taxa in Hexapoda
By Kluge N.J.
Bionomina 1: 15–55, 2010

Towards integrated commodity and pest management in grain storage
By Semple R.L., Hicks P.A., Lozare J.V., Castermans A. (eds.)
UN Food and Agricultural Organization. Rome, Italy. 526 pp., 1992
"A Training Manual for application in humid tropical storage systems."
Full text; for BG purposes, Section 5 - Intro to general taxonomy and biology/ecology of stored products insect pests is of interest.
Warning: this being a FAO document, it's no surprise that the taxonomy is obsolete and typos abound

Handbook of biological control: Principles and applications of biological control
By T.S. Bellows, T.W. Fisher, L.E. Caltagirone, D.L. Dahlsten, G. Gordh and C.B. Huffaker, eds.
Academic Press. 1046 pp., 1999