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Please help identify. Caterpillar crawling on Trumpet tree. - Colobura dirce

Please help identify. Caterpillar crawling on Trumpet tree. - Colobura dirce
Miami, Florida, USA
January 1, 2007
Size: 2"
What type of caterpillar is this? Crawling on trumpet tree leaves. It's black with yellow and white spines

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attached to photo shows it taken on January 1, 2007. Data changed accordingly here.

As far as I know, this species is not recorded from Florida. However, it is found not too far away on Cuba and Jamaica.

The usual larval host plant is Cecropia, which is in the Nettle Family (Urticaceae). I did find one reference to Cecropia obtusifolia being called a Trumpet Tree - is that what your caterpillar was on? Usually plants going under that name belong in the unrelated families Bignoniaceae or Solanaceae.

Pic was from a friend
Original photo was sent to me by one who claimed it was in so. fl. Have no other details other than they wanted to know what it would become.

Lots of exotics in FL
As we know, lots of exotic plants and animals have been introduced into Florida. It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch that this critter, or its grandparents, may have been introduced, so that this critter was indeed found in Florida.

This is Colobura dirce

Your reference
Thank you!

nice sleuthing!

Not sure of your question
This was posted a year ago here, but you seem to be indicating you took this picture yesterday.

Sorry for the confusion
Simply posted the only pic I had from one who wanted to know what this caterpillar would become. They sent me the jpg with info of it being on a trumpet tree - I posted what they sent. I don't recall making reference as to the time frame of the photo. If I did, my apologies. Thank you for your input!

Do you have
pictures of the adult that would have emerged from the pupa/cocoon?

Sorry no follow-up pics
There are no addl' photos that I'm aware of....hence, I've no clue of the pubescent nor adult stages.