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Weird Sap Beetles - Prometopia sexmaculata

Weird Sap Beetles - Prometopia sexmaculata
Albemarle County, Virginia, USA
April 10, 1985
An early April find under bark. A species in Nitidulidae, the Sap Beetles.

This is one of the earliest insect pictures I took, from 1985. I used 1000 ISO film in those days—grainy, but it did allow you to take pictures in the woods without flash. This photo will have to do until someone else photographs this species. Odd, tortoise-like appearance. The spots seem to be on a surface below what seems like a clear, protective shell. An odd species!

Now I know what that odd beetle I photographed at my lamp is! I hadn't even tried to figure it out because I knew it would probably be a tough one. I'll post the pic soon.

Here it is