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Species Metacarcinus magister - Dungeness Crab

Metacarcinus magister (Dana) - Metacarcinus magister - female Metacarcinus magister (Dana) - Metacarcinus magister - female Crab - Metacarcinus magister
Kingdom Animalia (Animals)
Phylum Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Subphylum Crustacea (Crustaceans)
Class Malacostraca (Malacostracans)
Superorder Eucarida (Eucarida (Crabs, Crayfish, Shrimp, etc.))
Order Decapoda (Crabs, Crayfishes, Lobsters, Prawns, and Shrimp)
Infraorder Brachyura (True Crabs)
Family Cancridae (Rock Crabs)
Genus Metacarcinus
Species magister (Dungeness Crab)
Synonyms and other taxonomic changes
Metacarcinus magister (Dana)
Orig. Comb: Cancer magister Dana, 1852
Explanation of Names
magister (L). 'master' (1)
named after Dungeness, Washington
to 25 cm carapace width (Wikipedia)
west coast of North America, from Alaska's Aleutian Islands to near Santa Barbara, California and occasionally further south to Baja California Sur, Mexico. (Wikipedia)
young in sandy pools near low-tide line; older individuals gradually migrate to deeper waters. (2)
commonly sold in restaurants and markets in w. US. (2)
the most commercially important crab in the Pacific Northwest, as well as the western states generally. In 2014, 53 million pounds worth $170 million was harvested.
the annual Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival is held in Port Angeles, Washington each October.
the Dungeness crab as the state crustacean of Oregon. (Wikipedia)
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