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Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

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Beetle family wish list

I've made a beetle image wish list for based on the bugguide Coleoptera Info page. It consists of families still reported lacking from the guide pages. (I did not search bugguide to make sure this information was completely current.) Most of these are out of my locale, at least based on a cross-check of the UNH checklist for New Hampshire.

I will make a special effort to collect and photograph these and will carry a locality wish list if I happen to travel.

I figure there might be existing images of some of these other groups that contributors have not posted yet. Just today I removed Lymexylidae from this list thanks to efforts by Brad Barnd.

As images for these families are added I will italicize their names in this list.

Archeocrypticidae - Cryptic Fungus Beetles .... (posted by Mike Thomas 01/18/07)
Amphizoidae - Trout Stream Beetles .... (posted by Dennis Haines 12/11/07)
Belidae - Cycad Weevils .... (posted by Mike Thomas 01/18/08)
Biphyllidae - False Skin Beetles .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 11/01/07))
Bothrideridae - Dry Bark Beetles .... (posted by Richard J. Buss 01/07/07)
Brachypsectridae - Texas Beetles .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 06/02/07)
Callirhipidae - Callirhipid Cedar Beetles....(posted by Brad Barnd 02/21/07)
Cerophytidae - Rare Click Beetles .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 10/20/07)
Chelonariidae - Turtle Beetles .... (posted by Phillip Harpootlian 12/27/07)
Clambidae - Minute Beetles .... (posted by tom Murray 04/06/07)
Diphilostomatidae - False Stag Beetles ... (posted by Dennis Haines 12/11/07)
Eulichadidae - Forest Stream Beetles ... posted by Dennis Haines 12/20/08
Glaresidae - Enigmatic Scarab Beetle .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 10/20/07)
Hydroscaphidae - Sciff Beetles .... (posted by Crystal Maier 11/8/07)
Jacobsoniidae - Jacobsoniid Beetles .... (posted by Mike Thomas 01/22/08)
Lutrochidae - Travertine Beetles .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 06/27/07)
Megalopodidae - Megalopodid Leaf Beetles .... (posted by Dennis Haines 12/19/07)
Micromalthidae - Telephone Pole Beetles .... (posted by Mike Thomas 01/23/08)
Monommatidae - Oppossum Beetles .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 10/28/07)
Mycteridae - Palm and Flower Beetles .... (posted by Mike Thomas 01/22/08)
Nosodendridae - Wounded Tree Beetles ....(posted by Brad Barnd 04/03/07)
Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles .... (posted by Jim McClarin 08/19/07)
Omethidae - False Soldier Beetles.... (posted by clearcreek 05/12/07)
Prostomidae - Jugular-horned Beetles .... (posted by Dennis Haines 01/18/08)[i]
[i]Schizopodidae - False Jewel Beetles ....(posted by William Ericson 10/12/07)

Smicripidae - palmetto Beetles .... (posted by Mike Thomas 01/18/08)
Sphaeritidae - False Clown Beetles .... (posted by Jeff Gruber 11/01/07))
Sphaeriusidae - Minute Bog Beetles
Telegeusidae - Long-lipped Beetles ... (posted by Rick Buss 12/20/08
Trachypachidae - False Ground Beetles .... (posted by Dennis Haines 01/18/08)

Okay, we're down to two regions.
Sphaeriusidae (Minute Bog Beetles) live in the Sierra Nevada range of California and Telegeusidae (Long-lipped Beetles) are unique to south-central Arizona. In addition, telegeusid larvae are unknown, so a mystery awaits your discovery.

Well, actually...
I did some googling on Telegeusidae and the range info is outdated. One specimen of a species new to science was collected in Texas in 2000, described in 2001, and named Telegeusis texensis.


I'm not a beetle person, but that common name....
...sure sparked my interest! Long-lipped beetle. Hmmm...

So I googled to see if there were any photos, and found this:;jsessionid=6CE0C10025E129ADC8EBC80198487BDF?page=ViewImageData&service=external&sp=14819

WOW -- so what's the story with those 'lips'?
And the wings in this photos are interesting. Is this photo an adult? Do the wings maintain this beautiful position?

Really cool bug.

This New World family
ranges from Panama north into American Southwest and consists of two rarely encountered genera, Telegeusis Horn (six species) and Pseudotelegeusis Wittmer (two species). Telegeusis texensis was discovered in Texas in April 2000, the first record for the family in the state.

No female or larva has been identified to date and all but the Texas specimen are reported to have come to lights.

The short elytra (wing covers) are not especially unusual among beetles. (All winged forms are fully mature.) The function of telegeusid "lips" are not known but are likely involved in sexual attraction.

The Sierras are in my backyar
The Sierras are in my backyard, so I'll have to see what I can do about the Sphaeriusidae (Minute Bog Beetles). There's still the chance that they're lurking somewhere in the undetermined material in the Wagner/Scott Collection. I'll take up the hunt on Monday.

I found some of these little guys
on my recent trip to Ecuador. They were in dead leaf detritus in a small mountain stream at about 6,500 ft. elevation.

I'm a dolt!
WRONG FAMILY! I collected Hydraenidae, not Sphaeriusidae!

I have a California specimen I can spare, if that would be helpful. The pictures I took at my scope were not usable so I didn't post them.

Great, Brady!
I look forward to seeing it, at long last, on these Bug Guide pages :-)

I know someone who could do a nice job with the photos, especially in exchange for a specimen. Post your e-mail on your profile and I'll get in touch.

Any action on this, Phillip?
I did a Google search and obtained:

Austin Brady Richards, Aquatic Entomologist.

Brady joined the ABL on October 31, 2001. He has over 15 years of experience identifying Nearctic aquatic invertebrates. His taxonomic specialties include Coleoptera, Heteroptera and adult Trichoptera. He is currently involved with the identification of a wide range of projects with the ABL, including serving as the ABL External QC Taxonomist. Brady co-authored and helps maintain the current version of the SAFIT STE and STE Rules documents. He received his M.S. in Biology from Arkansas State University in 1994.

Austin Brady Richards
Aquatic Entomologist
California Department of Fish and Game
Aquatic Bioassessment Laboratory - Chico
115 Holt Hall
400 West 1st Street
California State University
Chico, CA 95929-0555
Office 530.898.4792
Fax: 530.898.4363

Not certain he's the same person but I'd wager $20 he is.

All arranged
Mike Thomas has agreed to take the shots - should be great. In the meantime David Maddison has agreed to let us use his photo from Tree of Life.

Looking good!

main beetle page updated
Looking forward to seeing what Mike can do with Brady's material.

holding my breath
thanks, Richard & Phillip; let the transaction come thru and the dream come true

Oh boy!
Down to our last missing family now (two posted today).

Here's a link to Will's "Updated Beetle Family Wish List"

Excellent work, guys!
We've got just four more missing families to go :-)

Mike added Archeocrypticidae - Cryptic Fungus Beetles

also name change; Sphaeriusidae - Minute Bog Beetles [3] (=Microsporidae)

Thanks, Phillip.
I think I'm all caught up now on the wish list, plus I discovered Will's updated version.

While immersed in the early presidential primaries I heard your surname a number of times. Dick Harpootlian, former chairman of the Democratic Party of SC, was critical of Bubba for making race an issue in the SC primary. Any relation?

but not surprisingly, I get asked that alot

scratch two more
just added by Dennis Haines
Amphizoidae - Trout Stream Beetles
Diphilostomatidae - False Stag Beetles

I have one species in the family, Zeugophora atra. I've taken pictures and will try and post them this afternoon.


A couple more down
Just posted Sphaeritidae and Biphyllidae.

Just posted Monommatidae
Although I'm not sure if this is to be considered in its own family now. See my comments in 'Taxonomy Proposals'. Posted in Coleoptera for now.

Our Info page for Coleoptera includes Monommatidae
so I've created a page and placed your images there for now.

Gah, I had to kill some of the ones on the list for a class last year. I am not sure if I can find them again, but I'll look come spring.

Great, Darcie.
Here's hoping you find them.

Biphyllidae - False Skin Beetles
add to wish list, images are gone

I suppose you're right. We'll give Jeff a little more credit here unless someone else beats him to it.

previous comment - also add Chelonariidae - Turtle Beetles

Just posted 2
Hi Jim,

I just added guide pages for Glaresidae and Cerophytidae. I'll also soon have a pic of Diplocoelus rudis (Biphyllidae) to replace Richard Lareau's.

Thanks, Jeff. I've italicized them.
You're doing a great job filling in the blanks.

I added Nosodendridae a while back.

Missed it then,
got it now :-) Thanks, Brad.

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to let you know that someone has posted Omethidae. So that can be crossed off.

Thanks, I missed it :-)
Now in italics

I've got Callirhipidae and wi
I've got Callirhipidae and will post when I get a chance. I'll keep an eye out for the others.

I'll get
Diphilostomatidae - False Stag Beetles
Glaresidae - Enigmatic Scarab Beetle
Ochodaeidae - Sand-loving Scarab Beetles

Scott Boutilier is sending me a couple nosodendrids to shoot and post.

Willing to image any
If those with specimens can send me them, I can certainly get imaging done on any of these.

Your work is excellent, Guy.
I think I'd rather have you shoot those nosodendids.

I'd be happy to, my email is if you want to chat about it

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