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Thrips - Elaphrothrips tuberculatus

Thrips - Elaphrothrips tuberculatus
Boxborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
May 17, 2014

with enlarged forelegs with tarsal hooks

Elaphrothrips tuberculatus (Hood)
Moved from Tube-tailed Thrips. Tentatively ID'd from specimen, now a photo-voucher. Thanks Tom.

Via twitter, Manfred Ulitzka says: "Looks like Elaphrothrips (possibly E. tuberculatus)." I checked a key and it does appear to be E. tuberculatus.

Specimen deposited in TAMUIC

Elaphrothrips tuberculatus
Nice detective work Brad. It's not only a new species for the guide, also a new genus and subfamily.

there is another genus there
It's just hiding for a bit since I moved taxa around. :)