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Millepede - Poratia disparata

Millepede - Poratia disparata
Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA
January 13, 2007
Size: ~4 mm
Found under bark.

Moved from Pyrgodesmidae.

Poratia disparata
This image has been posted on Rowland Shelley's Pyrgodesmidae webpage, where it is identified as that of Poratia disparata (Porat, 1889). I will request a BG species page be made for it to be moved to.

Moved from Millipedes.

This millipede is a representative of the family Pyrgodesmidae (order Polydesmida), which occurs widely in the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Pyrgodesmids are small-bodied millipeds of ca. 5-8 mm long with 6-8 species in the US, some of which are native species and some are introduced from the tropics. They are difficult to identify, and I have published 2 papers on the US fauna; I would have to check in my papers, which I don't have with me right now, to determine the name of this species.

Thank you for the information and identification.