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Hordnia sp.; H. circellata? - Graphocephala atropunctata

Hordnia sp.; H. circellata? - Graphocephala atropunctata
Rohnert Park, Sonoma County, California, USA
May 26, 2014
On zucchini leaf; 86 degrees f; 0-5 mph; clear.


Hordnia atropunctata
the bluegreen sharpshooter

Moved for expert attention.
Moved from Hordnia cythura.

You could be right, but none of the H. cythura specimens in the Guide has such a bright yellow scutellum. This looks more like H. atropunctata to me.

Moved out of an abundance of caution. Dr. Hamilton will be able to make a definitive ID.

H. cythgura
I know this is not H. cythura; however, I could not get the Guide to delete the error. I had a similar error with the guide calling an agromyzid a mud dauber! It fixed itself; in this case it did not. Perhaps I should delete the whole thing and start again if I encounter the Guide's reluctance to delete errors in the future. Any other suggestions? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Ray Peterson

The name was attached to the post...
...because the image was uploaded to the H. cythura page. The image simply needed to be tagged and moved. The same thing happened with your fly; it had been posted by accident to the wrong location. It didn't fix itself; another editor moved the image to the proper page.

My error
The lesson: "Add Photo" means just that, i.e., one is adding to the group being viewed. The program does not reset to the beginning for you--it's all very logical and I missed it. Lesson learned.
Ray Peterson