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Bee or wasp on Penstemon scariosus - Pseudomasaris vespoides

Bee or wasp on Penstemon scariosus - Pseudomasaris vespoides
Vernal Utah, Uintah County, Utah, USA
May 29, 2014
Found near flowering penstemons

Definitely a wasp

Penstemons makes sense,
since this is where the potential mates would be found. Now find the females, they're fascinating to watch as they go into the corollas to get nectar and pollen. The pollen part is usually audible as a rasping sound. The female rubs back and forth against the anthers to release some pollen which is subsequently brushed with foretarsi from head and thorax to be ingested and stored in the crop. The pollen is later regurgitated into the nest cell where the egg was deposited.
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