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VCU Rice Center, Charles City County, Virginia, USA
June 4, 2014
This may be either Bufo americanus or Bufo woodhousei, the question is, do the elongate parotoids contact the prominent cranial crests? 8-)

Hard to say...
the crests are not well defined in this image, could go either way. A straight on dorsal view would help. A ventral view and one showing a hind leg extended might help with ID. If this one is a hybrid all bets are off.

John has better photo
He took the dorsal shot from a better angle. See photo here:

I think
they're different individuals. The markings don't seem to match. (Yours has a dark spot on the big gland behind the eye) Also EXIF data says yours was shot in the morning and mine at night.

Your little guy has a better chance for identification by the experts, at least! 8-)

I think
you're not supposed to add the gathering tag to non-bug images or it messes up the search for bugs. See the info page

you have to wait till it gets near dark,
if it screams loud like a horse with a broken leg,
then it's the latter... :o)
Sorry, couldn't resist. :o(
(slinking away into the sunset)