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Ground Beetle - Morion monilicornis

Ground Beetle - Morion monilicornis
East Central, Oklahoma, USA
December 29, 2004
I found this beetle yesterday after an old hackberry tree was cut down. It was in the decayed material in the core of the tree.(the material was like rich soil).
Size is 12mm.

Morion monilicornis
Actually, this is a rather uncommon carabid called Morion monilicornis of the tribe Morionini. It has a differently shaped pronotum than the scaritines and has a zig-zaggy groove next to the outer margin of the elytra (tough to see in this photo). There is one other species of Morion in North America, M. aridus, which occurs in Arizona. M. monilicornis, however, occurs in much of the eastern U.S., usually under bark of dead trees. Nice find!


M. monilicornis
Thanks. Guide page made for species and genus with links to some photos.

I think Robin is right...
After looking at the link Robin provided, I'll have to agree that it is likely one of the two genera she mentions. I looked too quickly, and though it's hard to see for sure, the front tibia does appear not to be as in Scarites, the base of the antennae are not exactly right, and the "waist" is perhaps not elongated enough.

Ground beetle
Thanks Robin and Jeff.
I feel better now that there is a consensus .

Something in that tribe seems like a good bet. The first image in this link shows a Pterostichus species (13 mm) with fat front femora and distally-inflated front tibiae, notched near the end (as in your photo); the second image (Lophoglossus, 16 mm) has a heftier head & jaws, and the front corners of the elytra are sharper (as in your photo). I doubt that yours is either of the species shown, but one of these genera may be in the ballpark.

Ground beetle
Thanks for the information Robin, I will try to narrow it down.

Carabidae - Scaritini - Scarites
This is a ground beetle of the family Carabidae, Tribe Scaritini, Genus Scarites (maybe S. subterraneus).

Ground beetle
Thanks Jeff.
I went through Dillon & Dillion and could not make any firm ID.