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Photos of insects and people from the Spring 2021 gathering in Louisiana, April 28-May 2

National Moth Week 2020 photos of insects and people.

Photos of insects and people from the 2019 BugGuide Gathering in Louisiana, July 25-27

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Family Ptinidae - Death-watch and Spider Beetles

Phylum Arthropoda - Arthropods
Subphylum Hexapoda - Hexapods
Class Insecta - Insects
Order Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Long-horned, Leaf and Snout Beetles
Superfamily Bostrichoidea - Carpet, Powder-post and Death-watch Beetles
Family Ptinidae - Death-watch and Spider Beetles

Subfamily Anobiinae - Death-watch Beetles
Tribe Anobiini
Genus Anobium
Species punctatum - Furniture Beetle
Genus Hemicoelus
Species carinatus - Eastern Deathwatch Beetle
Species defectus - Hemicoelus defectus
Species gibbicollis - California Deathwatch Beetle
Species pusillus - Hemicoelus pusillus
Genus Platybregmus
Species canadensis - Broadheaded Anobiid
Tribe Euceratocerini
Genus Actenobius
Species pleuralis - Actenobius pleuralis
Genus Ctenobium
Species antennatum - Ctenobium antennatum
Genus Euceratocerus
Species gibbifrons - Euceratocerus gibbifrons
Species parvus - Euceratocerus parvus
Genus Xeranobium
Species cinereum - Xeranobium cinereum
Tribe Gastrallini
Genus Gastrallus
Species fasciatus - Gastrallus fasciatus
Species marginipennis - Gastrallus marginipennis
Tribe Hadrobregmini
Genus Hadrobregmus
Species alternatus - Hadrobregmus alternatus
Species notatus - Hadrobregmus notatus
Species quadrulus - Hadrobregmus quadrulus
Genus Microbregma
Species emarginatum - Microbregma emarginatum
Genus Priobium
Species carpini - Priobium carpini
Species punctatum - Priobium punctatum
Species sericeum - Silky Anobiid
Tribe Stegobiini
Genus Oligomerus
Species alternans - Oligomerus alternans
Species obtusus - Oligomerus obtusus
Species sericans - Oligomerus sericans
Genus Stegobium
Species paniceum - Drugstore Beetle
Tribe Nicobiini
Genus Nicobium
Species castaneum - Nicobium castaneum
Genus Trichodesma
Species cristata - Trichodesma cristata
Species gibbosa - Trichodesma gibbosa
Species klagesi - Trichodesma klagesi
Species pulchella - Trichodesma pulchella
Species sordida - Trichodesma sordida
Species texana - Trichodesma texana
Subfamily Dorcatominae
Genus Calymmaderus
Species nitidus - Calymmaderus nitidus
Species obsoletus - Calymmaderus obsoletus
Species punctulatus - Calymmaderus punctulatus
Genus Petalium
Species alaseriatum - Petalium alaseriatum
Species alternatum - Petalium alternatum
Species bistriatum - Petalium bistriatum
Species californicum - Petalium californicum
Species debile - Petalium debile
Species incisum - Petalium incisum
Species whitei - Petalium whitei
Tribe Dorcatomini
Genus Byrrhodes
Species facilis - Byrrhodes facilis
Species granus - Byrrhodes granus
Species incomptus - Byrrhodes incomptus
Species intermedius - Byrrhodes intermedius
Species levisternus - Byrrhodes levisternus
Species tristriatus - Byrrhodes tristriatus
No Taxon undescribed sp.
Genus Caenocara - Puffball Beetles
Species bicolor - Caenocara bicolor
Species blanchardi - Caenocara blanchardi
Species oculatum - Caenocara oculatum
Species tenuipalpum - Caenocara tenuipalpum
Genus Dorcatoma
Species falli - Dorcatoma falli
Species pallicornis - Dorcatoma pallicornis
Species setulosa - Dorcatoma setulosa
No Taxon Byrrhodes or Caenocara
Tribe Prothecini
Genus Protheca
Species hispida - Protheca hispida
Genus Sculptotheca
Species puberula - Sculptotheca puberula
Genus Stagetus
Species profundus - Stagetus profundus
Genus Stichtoptychus
Species agonus - Stichtoptychus agonus
Genus Striatheca
Species lineata - Striatheca lineata
Subfamily Dryophilinae
Genus Dryophilodes
Species niger - Dryophilodes niger
Subfamily Ernobiinae
Tribe Ernobiini
Genus Episernus
Species trapezoideus - Episernus trapezoideus
Genus Ernobius
Species filicornis - Ernobius filicornis
Species granulatus - Ernobius granulatus
Species mollis - Pine Bark Anobiid
Tribe Ozognathini
Genus Microzogus
Species insolens - Microzogus insolens
Genus Ozognathus
Species floridanus - Ozognathus floridanus
Species cornutus - Ozognathus cornutus
Tribe Xestobiini
Genus Utobium
Species marmoratum - Utobium marmoratum
Genus Xestobium
No Taxon subgenus Hyperisus
No Taxon subgenus Xestobium
Species affine - Xestobium affine
Species gaspensis - Xestobium gaspensis
Species rufovillosum - Deathwatch Beetle
Subfamily Eucradinae
Genus Eucrada
Species humeralis - Eucrada humeralis
Tribe Hedobiini
Genus Ptinomorphus
Species angulatus - Ptinomorphus angulatus
Species granosus - Ptinomorphus granosus
Genus Neohedobia
Species texana - Neohedobia texana
Subfamily Mesocoelopodinae
Genus Mesocoelopus
Species collaris - Mesocoelopus collaris
Tribe Tricorynini
Genus Cryptorama
Species vorticale - Cryptorama vorticale
Genus Tricorynus
Species bifoveatus - Tricorynus bifoveatus
Species congruus - Tricorynus congruus
Species dichrous - Tricorynus dichrous
Species estriatus - Tricorynus estriatus
Species fastigiatus - Tricorynus fastigiatus
Species gravis - Tricorynus gravis
Species lucidus - Tricorynus lucidus
Species nigritulus - Tricorynus nigritulus
Species palliatus - Tricorynus palliatus
Species punctatus - Tricorynus punctatus
Species similis - Tricorynus similis
Species texanus - Tricorynus texanus
Subfamily Ptilininae
Genus Ptilinus - Death-watch Beetle
Species acuminatus - Ptilinus acuminatus
Species basalis - Ptilinus basalis
Species ramicornis - Ptilinus ramicornis
Species ruficornis - Ptilinus ruficornis
Subfamily Ptininae - Spider Beetles
Genus Gnostus
Species floridanus - Gnostus floridanus
Tribe Gibbiini
Genus Gibbium
Species aequinoctiale - Smooth Spider Beetle
Tribe Ptinini
Genus Epauloecus
Species unicolor - Epauloecus unicolor
Genus Niptinus
Species ovipennis - Niptinus ovipennis
Species unilineatus - Niptinus unilineatus
Genus Niptus
Species hololeucus - Golden Spider Beetle
Species ventriculus - Niptus ventriculus
Genus Pseudeurostus
Species kelleri - Pseudeurostus kelleri
Species hilleri - Pseudeurostus hilleri
Genus Ptinus
No Taxon subgenus Tectoptinus
Species tectus - Australian Spider Beetle
No Taxon subgenus Gynopterus
Species bimaculatus - Ptinus bimaculatus
Species californicus - Ptinus californicus
Species concurrens - Ptinus concurrens
Species fallax - Ptinus fallax
Species falli - Ptinus falli
Species hystrix - Ptinus hystrix
Species interruptus - Ptinus interruptus
Species paulonotatus - Ptinus paulonotatus
Species raptor - Eastern Spider Beetle
Species sexpunctatus - Ptinus sexpunctatus
Species strangulatus - Ptinus strangulatus
Species texanus - Ptinus texanus
Species tumidus - Ptinus tumidus
Species variegatus - Ptinus variegatus
No Taxon Ptinus sp. (EGR 2)
No Taxon Ptinus sp. (EGR 3)
No Taxon Ptinus sp. (EGR 4)
No Taxon subgenus Ptinus
Species caelebs - Ptinus caelebs
Species fur - Whitemarked Spider Beetle
Species gandolphei - Ptinus gandolphei
Species latro - Brown Spider Beetle
Species verticalis - Ptinus verticalis
Species villiger - Hairy Spider Beetle
Genus Trigonogenius
Species globulus - Globular Spider Beetle
Tribe Sphaericini
Genus Sphaericus
Species gibboides - Sphaericus gibboides
Tribe Meziini
Genus Mezium
Species americanum - American Spider Beetle
Species affine - Shiny Spider Beetle
Subfamily Xyletininae
Tribe Xyletinini
Genus Euvrilletta
Species harrisii - Euvrilletta harrisii
Species mucorea - Euvrilletta mucorea
Species peltata - Anobiid Powderpost Beetle
Genus Vrilletta
Species blaisdelli - Vrilletta blaisdelli
Species decorata - Vrilletta decorata
Species laurentina - Vrilletta laurentina
Species murrayi - Vrilletta murrayi
Genus Xyletinus
Species fasciatus - Xyletinus fasciatus
Species lugubris - Xyletinus lugubris
No Taxon sp. (TX) cf. parvus
Species pubescens - Xyletinus pubescens
Genus Xyletomerus
Species histricus - Xyletomerus histricus
Tribe Lasiodermini
Genus Lasioderma
Species haemorrhoidale - Lasioderma haemorrhoidale
Species falli - Lasioderma falli
Species hemiptychoides - Lasioderma hemiptychoides
Species serricorne - Cigarette Beetle
Genus Megorama
Species frontale - Megorama frontale
Species ingens - Megorama ingens
Species viduum - Megorama viduum