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Mite with beetle on it

Mite with beetle on it
Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
May 14, 2006
Size: about 1.2 mm
This is a duplicate image from this set showing a tiny histerid beetle, Bacanius punctiformis trying to climb onto a round, dome-shaped mite. Both mites and beetle were collected from shelf fungus samples. Unfortunately I was only focused on getting shots of this beetle for ID. The mites now look like interesting photo subjects as well.

Moved from Uropodoidea.

Moved from Mites and Ticks.

? ? /Fuscuropoda marginata/ (deutonymph) or anyway a species
of Uropodidae (GAMASINA: Uropodina). This species is usually connected with Coleoptera, but QUITE IN OPPOSITE WAY: the deutonymphs are living on legs (and even body) of large beetles, especially Scarabaeidae. The identification of deutonymphs is more difficult than that of adult mites, as mounted specimens with details of the tracheal system should be available for light microscopy.

Dr. Pekka T. Lehtinen
Centre of Biodiversity

(Note: Under the new taxonomy of the Acari Project several of these taxa have changed. Gamasina has been dissolved and I could not find Fuscuropoda under Uropodidae. Moving images to Uropodidae.

That´s fun!
We already have some images of beetles with mites on it - now reverse!