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Frass is insect debris and this section of the site is a humorous reference to that. Poor quality images, images from outside North America, north of Mexico, and those that otherwise do not add value to the Guide are moved here. Frassed images will remain here for 30 days after the most recent activity so that comments may be viewed. After that they are automatically removed by the system.

Kidney-spotted Psyllobora Coleoptera Coleoptera Coleoptera Coleoptera Green dragonfly Possible clubtail dragonfly dragonfly Dragonfly Sp.  - female Dragonflies mating in flight - male - female Dragonflies mating in flight - male - female Small Coleopteran (??) Small Coleopteran (??) P. angustigena? Snail Chalicidoidea? Chalicidoidea? Basement critter red headed ash borer? Mystery Insect Cychramus adustus beetle, but which one? beetle, but which one? Teeny tiny red-orange spider?