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ridged Nit - Stelidota geminata

ridged Nit - Stelidota geminata
Medford, (~15 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 15, 2006
Size: ~2.3mm
I'm having difficulty determining Genus on this one, possibly Stelidota?

But I do like the ridges down the elytra :)

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ridged Nit - Stelidota geminata ridged Nit - Stelidota geminata


Stelidota geminata.

Thanks Brad
Any reason to say S. geminata rather than S. octomaculata? Reading the descriptions from Downie and Arnett they both sound similar. And I haven't been able to find any good on-line resources.

Pronotal angles.
Its the shape of the rear of the pronotum. In S. geminata the rear angles are "almost" straight back; thus the widest part of pronotum is at the rear. However, in S. octomaculata the pronotal angles are distinctly angled inward, making the widest part of the pronotum not the rear but a little in front. Its kind of subjective unless you can see both species. I think there is an image of S. octomaculata in the guide where you can see this character. Hope this helps!

I can see S. octomaculata for at least one of those images ,

but I'm having more trouble seeing it for . Which is why I wasn't initially sure about my specimen.