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Weevil - Aulacobaris lepidii

Weevil - Aulacobaris lepidii
Allison Park, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
June 11, 2014

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Weevil - Aulacobaris lepidii Weevil - Aulacobaris lepidii Weevil - Aulacobaris lepidii

Aulacobaris lepidii (Germar)
Specimen now a photo-voucher. Thanks John, a really nice find.

I thought it was rather stunning
One of those things that arouses some excitement when you find it in your net :-)

ID confirmed by B.A. Korotyayev
Moved from Baridini.

Thank you both
I don't mind the lowly foreigners, at least not when they are as striking as this one was.

Moved from Beetles.

wow... looks a lot like Baris lepidii Germar
...which is another eurotramp that may or may not be recorded in America

Whatever it is
I was happy to find it in my net, lovely thing.

feel free to bet your pygidium on it
i've sent a note to Rick Hoebeke who is about to publish a paper summarizing data on America's non-native weevils

Oh, no
I never gamble with that thing, Brad has the specimen.

loosen up man
[watching Wimbledon, after, like, .6L alcohol down --so don't be too judgmental, please; i mean, EtOH equivalent]

You are about nine shots ahead of me
I'd best get drinkin'